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6009 Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating is 100% Solids

6009 epoxy floor coating is an attractive all purpose low temperature, high build commercial grade epoxy designed to be extremely tough, durable impact and abrasion resistant with very good chemical resistance to corrosive waters and other chemicals.  It is  a 100% solids, 2:1 ratio plural component, self priming, no VOC, extremely tough advanced polymer structure.  With a quick 4 hour recoat time, can be used as part of a same day floor coating system.

The 6009 is used to protect garage, show room, industrial floors, and general work areas.  Can be applied up to 32 mils thick (50 sq’/gallon) down to 35°F and rising (note: cold temps will significantly extend recoat and back in-service times.

Coverage rate for 6009 depends on how thick applied.  At 100% solids, nothing lost to evaporation after it dries (compare to 50% solids epoxy at big box stores which lose 1/2 of material in container to evaporation).  For garage floors recommended 10 mils minimum (160 sq’/gallon) epoxy basecoat thickness.  One 3 gallon kit of 6009 protects most 2 car garages, covering 480 sq’ at 10 mils thick in a one coat application (applied at 160 sq’/gallon).

For additional abrasion and chemical protection, recommend our 5500 Polyaspartic as a clear, high gloss, UV resistant protective topcoat.   One 2 gallon kit of 5500 Polyaspartic Clear is all you need as a topcoat for a 480 sq’, 2 car garage.

When applying chips/flakes can apply them to the colored 6009 basecoat and then topcoat with a clear version of either the 6009 or 5500.    Using a clear topcoat over a colored basecoat also adds depth to the visual appearance and enhances the look.

The 6009 can also be used as an effective outdoor concrete patch repair.  Mix with sand, 2 parts sand + 1 part 6009 and when applied it will meet or exceed strength of surrounding concrete. One 3 gallon kit of 6009 mixed with sand will fill 1,410 cubic inches (23,100 cubic cm) of a hole or crack.

Comes in high gloss clear or 6 color options in 3 gallon & 15 gallon kits.  See How to Apply tab for application instructions.

PRIMER: Optional.  When needed recommend the 5015 Water Based Epoxy Primer available in 20 colors to easily match color of your topcoat.  For quick one day application consider the very fast curing 7001 Moisture Cured Polyurethane Primer (recoat at 70F in 1 to 2 hours).

For applying directly to VCT, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum or asbestos mastics, cutback and carpet glues with minimal preparation consider our Perfect Primer Sealer.

 TOPCOAT: Optional:  For additional abrasion and chemical protection, recommend our 5500 Polyaspartic as a clear, high gloss, UV resistant protective topcoat.

Where is 6009 typically used?

  • Industrial floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Show room floors
  • Garage floors
  • Basements
  • General work areas

Why 6009 Epoxy Floor Coating?

  • Protective and attractive color coat epoxy flooring system
  • Designed to seal floors against abrasion, water, oils and chemicals
  • Good Color stability
  • Wide application temperature range 35°F to 125°F (1.7°C to 52°C)
  • Quick re-coat time 4-5 hours (at 75°F)
  • Self Priming With No Primer Required
  • 100% solids, 2 part, no VOC, low odor
  • Excellent protective coating at low cost per Mil DFT (dry film thickness)
  • Available in 6 colors.
Solids 100%
Color Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Tan, white, clear
Hardness Shore DIN 53505 D 70
Working time 20 min at 70°F
Recoat Time 4-5 hours at 75°F. Varies with temperature & humidity
Solids 100%
Mix ratio 2:1
Application method Notched trowel or squegee, roller
Surfaces Applied to Concrete, metal, wood
Solids 100%
Hardness Shore DIN 53505 D 70
Application Temperature  35°F to 125°F (air and surface) and 5°F above dew point
Tensile Strenghth (GPa) 52
Flexural Strength (MPa) 94
Carbamation Test (scale 1 to 5) 5
Viscosity @75°F cps 350-600
Concrete cure time Minimum 28 days after new pour

Application Instructions


Concrete must have a minimum 28 day cure prior to application. Remove any curing agent, form release materials, oils, wax, moisture or any material that may effect bonding. *Perform a Moisture Vapor Test before making the coating application on concrete.  Can use the ASTC CMW 8000 to help reduce hydrostatic vapor pressure prior to application of the 6009.

Use a concrete (diamond) grinder or brush blast on the surface to provide rough profile minimum 2 mils (remove slick, smooth surface so concrete feels like a 100 grit sandpaper). Review ASTM D4259 Abrading Concrete and ASTM F1869 Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission. Seal/repair all bug-holes, cracks and spalls, see ASTC data sheets on 830, 4034 and 3004 (joints).   Do not apply 6009 to floors that have not been properly repaired, treated and primed as needed or that do not have a pH of 7-8.5.

Thinning: Xylene, use sparingly for desired application result. Test before using on a large area

1) PRODUCT STORAGE: Product Must Be Stored In An Area That Will Bring The Product To Room Temperature Prior To Using. Continuous Storage Should Be Between 60 And 90 Degree F on wood pallets. Keep From Freezing and Keep out of direct sunlight.

2) PRODUCT MIXING: READ CAREFULLY.  Improper Mixing May Result In Product Failure.  This Product Has a 2 To 1 Mix Ratio By Volume- Mix 2 parts by volume Of Part A With 1 part by volume Of Part B. ( Example: to mix 1 gallon total 6009 to get started, measure 2/3 gallon Part A and mix with 1/3 gallon Part B).  Do not change the proportions and recommend do not mix more than you can use in 15 minutes.

Improper mixing may result in product failure.

For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer.

Mix part A (resin - color) separately in a container 4-6 minutes with a Jiffy Mixer first before combing parts A and B (hardener) together.  Clean mixing tool with solvent after mixing part A before mixing part B to prevent starting the chemical reaction and shortening cure time.  Only start mixing Parts A and B together when ready to start project.  Pour Part B into Part A while mixing at slow speed, 650 rpm until a uniform blend is evident and streak Free.  Avoid Whipping Air Into The Coating during mixing.  Mix completely for approximately one to two minutes.

Be sure to work the bottom and edges of the bucket to ensure the entire contents of each part are mixed. The colored veins need to disappear. If the two components are not mixed completely the epoxy will not cross-link well and can develop curing problems that will lead to a substandard coating.  In 6009 that is colored, improper mixing can result in uneven color when pigment is not fully blended.

It’s very important when mixing not to run the drill too fast or pump the mixing paddle up and down. Doing either of these this will introduce air into the mix which will be rolled into the coating and create air bubbles at the surface. The epoxy should have a nice even consistency without any color streaks.

Pour the 6009 out on the floor immediately after mixing and do not let the 6009 sit in the bucket Leaving it in the bucket for as little as a minute or two can shorten the pot life by half or more.

3) PRODUCT APPLICATION: This Product Can Be First Applied Using A Flat, Knotched, Or Serrated Squeegee, moving product around the surface for the desired coverage rate (thickness), Then Back Rolled to ensure proper adhesion with the surface.  (example:  Project calls for 1 gallon 6009 to cover 320 sq' - then after mixing pour 1 gallon in a S pattern over a 16'x20' area, squeegee so product covers entire surface area and then Use A 3/8” Nap Roller To Back Roll).  Can use A Chip Brush To Cut Out edges. Maintain Temperatures Within The Recommended Ranges During The Application And Curing Process. It Is Best To Maintain A Wet Edge To Avoid Roller Marks. Direct Sunlight Or High Temperatures May Cause Visible Roller Making During Application.

4) RECOAT OR TOPCOATING:  Although the 6009 recoat window is typically 4-5 hours at 75F, it Is Best To Test The Coating Before Recoating Or Topcoating. This Is Done By Pressing Your Thumb On The Coating To Ensure A Fingerprint Impression Is Not Visible. If There Is No Impression Visible, Then Coating The Floor Can Be Done. Note, Colder Temperatures Require Longer Cure Times Before Product Can Be Recoated. Prior To Coating The Floor, Make Sure There Are No Contaminants Exist. If Contaminants Or A Blush Exists, Remove With A Standard Detergent Cleaner And Ensure Floor Is Clean And Dry Prior To Coating.

Going past the re-coat window, typically 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity, means the 6009 has become too hard and needs to be sanded with a 100 grit sanding tool to rough up the surface, wiped clean with acetone and then once the acetone has flashed off, you can apply the next coating.

5) CLEANUP/FLOOR CLEANING:Use Solvents For Cleanup. When Cleaning The Floor, CAUTION! Some Cleaners May Affect The Color Of The Installed Floor. Test Each Cleaner Used In A Small Area, Ensuring No Damage Occurs. Restrict The Use Of The Floor To Light Traffic And Non-Harsh Chemicals Until The Floor Is Fully Cured. Allow The Floor To Remain Completely Dry During The Curing Process.

7) RESTRICTIONS: Restrict The Use Of The Floor To Light Traffic And Non-Harsh Chemicals Until The Coating Is Fully Cured. It Is Best To Let The Floor Remain Dry For The Full Cure Cycle. Dependent On Actual Complete System Application, Surface May Be Slippery, Especially When Wet Or Contaminated; Keep Surface Clean And Dry.  Consider using an anti-slip additive in applications where floor can become wet.


  • Concrete; Best results over 2 to 3 mil profile and vapor barrier as needed.
  • Colors Or Gloss May Be Affected By High Humidity, Low Temperatures, Chemical Exposure, Or Exposure To Lighting Such As Sodium Vapor Lights.
  • For Best Results Use A 3/8” Nap lint free professional grade epoxy Roller cover
  • Strongly recommend using a Jiffy style mixer for proper blending of product
  • Slab On Grade Requires Moisture Barrier
  • Substrate Temperature Must Be 5°F Above Dew Point
  • All New Concrete Must Be Cured For At Least 28 Days
  • Physical Properties Are Typical Values And Not Specifications
  • Tire Contact May Cause Staining Or Discoloration (Long Term Parked Vehicles)
  • Colors May Vary From Batch To Batch, Therefore Use Only Product From The Same Batch For An Entire Job.
  • Temperature conditions: 4 to 5 hour re-coat set time based on 75F temperature.6009 will set faster in hotter conditions and slower in colder conditions.
  • Surface may be slippery when wet, recommend using an anti-slip additive in applications where floor can become wet.