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Jiffy Mixer for Epoxy,Urethane, Polyaspartic Coatings

Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer is used it to mix epoxies, polyaspartics, urethanes, adhesives, cement, chemicals, ceramics, coatings, foams, glues, hi-viscosity liquids, mortars, paint, resins, or other tough to mix materials.   Jiffy Mixer is a heavy duty, extremely efficient industrial/commercial mixer designed to quickly and thoroughly mix dense and viscous substances in an open container. It eliminates waste and unwanted aeration of materials in addition to cutting mixing time up to 90%.

100% Made in the USA of polished stainless steel 304, its construction and design is for mixing, not just stirring.  It has two sets of specially welded blades. The vertical ones keep the mixing action between them, the horizontal ones employ an exclusive hydraulic-flow principle that prevents sucking air.

Jiffy Mixer available in 3 sizes depending on container size and quantity of material being mixed.

  • HS-2 for mixing in containers 1-2 gallons in size.  OAL:  14-3/4” long overall with a 1/4″ shaft.  Mixer head is 2-3/8” tall, bottom and top diameter 2-5/8”.  Use 1/4″ chuck electric power drill.  Max rpm’s 1200.
  • ES-2 for mixing in containers 2-5 gallons in size **Most Popular Size**.  OAL:  20-1/2” long overall with a 3/8″ shaft.  Mixer head is 3-3/4” tall, bottom diameter 3-3/4″ and top diameter 3-1/4”.  Use 3/8″ chuck electric power drill.  Max rpm’s 1000.
  • PS-1 for mixing in containers 5-10 gallons in size.  OAL:  20-1/2” long overall with a 1/2″ shaft.  Mixer head is 5” tall, bottom diameter 5-1/8″ and top diameter 4-5/8”.  Use 1/2″ chuck electric power drill.  Max rpm’s 800.


  • Epoxy Projects
  • Urethane Projects
  • Polyaspartic Projects
  • Polyurea Projects
  • Wide Range of High Viscosity Mixing Projects including:  Adhesives, blacktop sealer, block fillers, cement, ceramics, clays, coal tar, coatings, detergents, drywall mud, epoxies, fireproofing emulsions, foams, glues, hi-viscosity liquids, latex masking compounds, lime, mortar,  mud, paint, printing inks, putty, sheetrock mud, resins slurry, zinc rich materials


  • Properly Mix High Viscosity Liquids (not just stir)
  • Required Tool for Mixing Epoxy, Urethane, Polyaspartic Coatings
  • Mix Foams, Glues, Mortars, Paints, Resins, Cement, Chemicals
  • Heavy Duty Construction For Industrial/Commercial Projects
  • Made of 304 polished stainless steel,
  • Two Sets of Specialty Welded Blades
  • Won’t Splash or Suck Air
  • Cuts Mixing Time up to 90%
  • 3 Sizes for small to large jobs mixed in 1 to 10 gallon containers.
  • Easy use with any electric chucked power tool.
  • 100% Made in America


  • Jiffy Mixer works with any electric chuck power drill.  Model HS-2 use with 1/4″, ES use with 3/8″ and PS-1 use with 1/2″ drill
  • Tighten power tool chuck onto drive shaft of mixer
  • The mixer MUST BE FULLY IMMERSED in the material for proper mixing before turning on the power tool and MUST REMAIN FULLY IMMERSED WHILE IN MOTION
  • Hold power tool and mixer firmly.  The container in which mixing is to be done should be secure so that it will not be thrown, spilling contents
  • PREPARED, PACKAGED STOCK-TYPE materials such as powders or pigments used in coatings and other formulations can produce a sticky mass on the bottom of the container which must be loosened and dispersed. SUBMERGE mixer to within approximately 1″ of bottom of container.  Turn on power and move mixer around bottom area until settled material has been brought into mixer.  Slowly move the mixer up and down and around in the material until contents are thoroughly mixed into contents are thoroughly mixed into a smooth, uniform body.   Use a SLOW & STEADY APPROACH!  Mixing at too high a drill speed or moving Jiffy Mixer too quickly around in the material can introduce unwanted air bubbles into the coating or product being mixed.
  • CLEAN mixer after each use.  Simply immerse in compatible solvent or water and run until clean.  When cleaning solution is flammable, be sure to remove mixer from the power tool.  Food service operators can put smaller mixers in their dishwashers.
  • Recommended drill speed for coatings is 450 – 650 RPM’s.