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E155CL Clear Epoxy Primer Sealer | Damp Condition | Moisture Tolerant | Flexible | Low Temp 45°

E155CL is a moisture tolerant two component modified Polyamine Cured Clear Epoxy designed as a quick cure same day concrete primer to be used under any epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane, urethane or polyurea high performance coating system. The low viscosity provides deep penetration into concrete for excellent surface adhesion and offers a tough, flexible primer base.

It can be also be used as a clear protective concrete sealer for new or old concrete surfaces.  With its very low permeability it helps prevent penetration of water and chemicals as well as provides protection against concrete dusting, spalling and deterioration.  When using the E155CL as a clear stand along sealer, please note 2 coats are recommended and that the E155CL Epoxy is not water clear but is unpigmented and has an amber color.

Although preparation of a concrete surface with concrete diamond grinding is always ideal, due to the very low viscosity and deep penetration of the E155CL, a simple acid etching is acceptable preparation for a good quality bonding to concrete.

E155CL Epoxy is a very quick cure, allowing top coating with 100% solids epoxies within as little as 30 min – 1-1/2 hours or whenever it is tacky to the touch (not gooey).  For top coating with less than 100% solids products, recoat between 4 – 6 hours (longer time requires mechanical sanding between coats).

The E155CL Epoxy is available as an unpigmented clear (not water clear – looks amber in color) in 2 quart, 2 gallon and 10 gallon kits.

TOPCOAT: Most epoxy, polyurethane, urethane, polyaspartic and polyurea topcoats.  For severe chemical environments, topcoat with E517 Epoxy Mastic

Where is the E155CL Damp Epoxy Primer used?

  • Garage Floors
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Loading Docks
  • Shop Floors
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Exterior Walkways
  • Sumps
  • Tank Pads
  • Pump Supports
  • Silos

Why the E155CL Damp Epoxy Primer?

  • May be Applied to Damp or Moist Concrete Surfaces
  • Excellent as a tough, flexible and clear concrete primer and sealer
  • When used as clear Concrete Sealer has very low permeability to keep water and chemicals out while reducing concrete dusting, spalling and deterioration
  • Excellent Adhesion to Concrete
  • Excellent Primer for use with high performance coating systems
  • As Quick as 30 min Recoat Time for 100% Solids Epoxy Systems
  • Significantly Reduces Chance of Concrete Outgassing Problems
  • Easy concrete preparation with either acid etching or concrete diamond grinding


Color Clear
Application Temp 45°-100°
Volume Solids 74%
Application Brush, Spray or Roller
Recommended Coverage Rate 150-250 s/f for 5-8 mils Dry Film Thickness
Recoat Time for 100% Solids Coatings @75°F: For 100% Solids resins/coatings: 30 minutes-1.5 hours. Apply when still tacky.  Do not let primer dry when applying 100% solids material
Recoat Time for Solvent Coatings For less than 100% solids Solvent Coatings: 4 hour minimum-6 hour maximum. E155CL should be DRY before recoating with a less than 100% solids coating
Clean Up SA-17 or S-74
Shelf Life 12 months when stored between 50°F and 90°F
Packaging 2 quarts 2 gallon and 10 gallon kits
Thinner None
Bond Strength Stronger than concrete that failed first (ACI Test #59-43)
Tensile Strength 3500 psi per ASTM C190-99
Tensile Elongation 10% per ASTM D638-60
Water Absorption 0.3% per ASTM D543-60


Coverage Per Gallon 150-250 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon

Cure and Recoat Information

As a primer for epoxy mortars, toppings and 100% solids resins and 100% solids coatings, E155 should be topcoated while still tacky. This will be 30 min. – 1-1/2 hours at 75°F when the E155 is applied at a rate of 150-250 sq. ft. per gallon.

When used as a primer for less than 100% solids solvent coatings, E155 must be dry to touch.  This is typically 4 hours minimum and 6 hours maximum. If the recoat time is in excess of 6 hours, sanding with 80-100 grit open coat paper is required before applying finish coat.

Allow 24 hours for foot traffic and 72 hours for heavy traffic with good ventilation before putting floor back into service.


Physical Properties Chart

Bond Strength

Method: ACI 403

Result: 325 PSI (Concrete Fails)

Dry Heat Resistance

Method: ASTM D2485

Result: 200°F

Flexibility: Conical Bend Mandrel

Method: ASTM D522 180° Bend

Result: Passes 1/8″

Impact Resistance

Method: ASTM D2794

Result: Direct- 160 in/lb

Result: Direct- 160 in/lb

Pencil Hardness

Method: ASTM D3363

Result: 2H

Tensile Elongation

Method: ASTM D638-60

Result: 10%

Tensile Elongation

Method: ASTM C 190-99

Results: 3500psi

Water Absorption

Method: ASTM D570

Result: .1% max



In all cases of surface preparation, the pH should be checked. A pH reading of 7.0 to 8.5 is acceptable. Also, a Water Dissipation Test should be made on random areas of the floor to determine if the proper degree of porosity has been achieved. Before the installation of any Gulf Coat Paint Products, the substrate should be examined for moisture. Test for moisture vapor transmission using ASTM F-1869 Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride. The maximum allowable rate is 3 lbs. per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours. Test for relative humidity in concrete floor slabs using Probes according to ASTM F-2170. This test measures the presence relative humidity of the slab below the surface. The maximum relative humidity should be below 80%.

New concrete must be cured at least a minimum of 28 days before applying a coating. On-grade slabs must have moisture vapor barrier in place. All laitance, sealers, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, grease, oil and other foreign material must be removed. The prepared surface must be clean, dry and structurally sound.  Ideal preparation includes mechanical preparation by means of shot blasting or diamond grinding to achieve a CSP-2 or CSP-3 profile, in accordance with the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). The profile should reflect something similar to a 60-100 grit sandpaper.

Due to the low viscosity of the E155CL Epoxy Primer an acid etch is acceptable preparation as long as it is done correctly with proper neutralization of the acid and a thorough rinsing is performed.

If the substrate is not properly prepared and the appropriate profile is not achieved, failure of the product to adhere to the substrate may occur.

Old concrete surfaces must be structurally sound. Any unsound areas must be repaired prior to proceeding with the resinous installation. For proper patching and repairing, use CF-615 and/or PC-1000 with graded aggregate. Remove existing paint and loose concrete by rough sanding, sandblasting, high pressure water cleaning, shot blasting or grinding. In some cases where plant conditions allow, a stripper may be used to remove excessive build-up of paints or sealers.


E155 is prepared by mixing 1 part Base (Part A) to 1 part Hardener (Part B) with a variable speed drill with a Jiffy mixer. E155 should be used without any induction time. Do not thin, use as supplied.

For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer.


For best results, apply by roller, using a medium nap, phenolic core roller cover. Apply an even, uniform, wet film while working material into surface. Do not allow material to puddle. Spread rate will be approximately 150 to 250 sq. ft. per mixed gallon, depending upon porosity of concrete surface.

E155 may also be sprayed, but then should be “back-rolled” to produce a uniform coat. For small areas and “cutting in” use pure bristle brush. Do not apply to surfaces below 45°F or above 100°F.

For safety and product curing, proper ventilation is necessary throughout application and cure. When using pigmented Finish Coats, be sure the batch numbers are all the same to provide a uniform color.


As a primer for epoxy mortars, toppings and 100% solids resins and 100% solids coatings, E155 should be topcoated while still tacky (not gooey). This will be 30 min. – 1-1/2 hours at 75°F when the E155 is applied at a rate of 150-250 sq. ft. per gallon.

When used as a primer for less than 100% solids coatings, E155 must be dry to the touch (does not have to be tack free). Under the same conditions this will be 4 hours minimum and 6 hours maximum. If the recoat time is in excess of 6 hours, sanding with 80-100 grit open coat paper is required before applying finish coat.


E155 is flammable. Keep away from all sources of ignition during storage, mixing, application and cure. The Hardener (Part B) either alone or when mixed with Base (Part A) can cause eye and skin burns as well as allergic reactions. When spraying, the use of goggles, fresh air masks or NIOSH approved respirators, protective skin cream, and protective clothing is recommended as a standard practice. This product is sold without warranty as to performance expressed or implied. Users are urged to make their own tests to determine the suitability for their particular conditions.

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