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Product Description

ACL 10R ESD Anti-Static Concrete Primer Sealer

10R primer by ACL Staticide is a clear, penetrating, ready-to-use, non-toxic primer that provides long-lasting protection against damage associated with water penetration for a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces, especially non-sealed concrete.

When necessary, use the 10-R ESD Anti-Static Primer in the preparation of 4700SS Staticide® Diamond Paint.

Where is 10R used?

  • Electronics manufacturing and assembly, ESD protected areas

Why 10R ESD Anti-Static Primer?

  • Outstanding water repellency
  • 100% vapor permeable
  • Non-yellowing, ensures color stability
  • Resists dirt, acid rain and other air pollutants
  • Environmentally safe


Color Clear
Sheen/Gloss Level
Dry To Re-Coat 4 hours @75F
#Coats Recommended 1 coat
Material Type
Application method Airless sprayer, roller, brush
Where Can it be Used  Horizontal and vertical surfaces
Concrete cure time Wait 30 days after pouring new concrete
Back in-service Time 12 hours light traffic, 3 days for normal traffic
  Concrete surface 200 – 500 (actual coverage rate depends on porosity of surface)


Mixing:  Product is ready to use.  Do not thin – mix prior to use.

Clean Up:  Wash applicators with warm water and detergent immediately after painting

Application:  On surfaces apply ACL 10R primer using a brush, 1/4″ fine roller, squeegee or airless spraying equipment until the surfaces are fully saturated, ,however avoid puddling.  Only one application is required.  Remove all excess primer and trapped air by stoking applicator in-tray before applying to surface.  Allow 2-4 hours before applying any paint to the primer.  For best results apply primer and paint at temperatures between 60F – 80F.  Allow 2 weeks drying time of paint before using a damp mop to clean coated floor.  Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing machines to clean the floor.  Use sweeper or vacuum to clean the floor.


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