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Product Description

6007 Wet Condition Epoxy Coating | Primer For Concrete & Steel

6007 WC Epoxy is designed to protect problematic floor areas that remain damp or wet.   It will bond, cure and protect  concrete due to its high tolerance to wet conditions, resisting up to 20 psi hydraulic vapor pressure coming up through a concrete floor when properly prepared and applied.

The 6007 WC is a 100% solids, plural component, advanced technology polymer structure .

The 6007 can be used as a stand along coating or primer with topcoat applied.  The 6007 has outstanding adhesion to wet concrete and sand blasted steel and provides a smooth, glossy, tack free cured film with exceptional corrosion protection.

Comes standard as a clear high gloss (not water clear) or medium gray in 5 gallon kits (3 Parts A: 2 Parts B).  Color pigment comes separately for mixing into Part B prior to mixing parts A and B together.

Where is 6007 WC Epoxy used?

  • Car wash bays
  • Wet condition concrete
  • Prime coat for top coats
  • Floors in corrosive environments
  • Base coat for secondary containment coatings in damp conditions

Why 6007 Wet Condition Epoxy?

  • May be applied in damp and wet conditions where wash-down of areas is problematic
  • Withstands up to 20 psi hydraulic vapor pressure
  • Provides protective attractive color coat epoxy flooring system
  • Excellent working properties
  • Exceptional corrosion protection of both concrete and steel
  • Highly adhesive with some flexibility
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent prime coat for top coats
  • 100% solids, no VOC, Mild odor
  • Wide temperature application range 35°F to 125°F (1.7°C to 52°)

Technical Information

Solids 100%
Color Clear (not water clear), Medium Gray
Hardness ASTM D2240 D 72-75
 Gel time 100 grams 2-4 hours
Gel time accelerated version 50 min to 1.5 hours
Thin film set time 8-10 hours
Thin film set time accelerated version 4 to 7 hours
Solids 100%
Mix ratio 3:2 (3 Parts A to 2 Parts B)
Application method Notched trowel or squeegee, roller
Surfaces Applied to Concrete, metal, wood
Solids 100%
Hardness Shore D 70
Application Temperature  35°F to 125°F (air and surface) and 5°F above dew point
Impact Resistant (Direct/Rev) (in-lb) 20
Concrete cure time Minimum 28 days after new pour

Application Instructions

Preparation: Concrete must have a minimum 28 day cure prior to application.  Remove any curing agent, form release materials, oils, wax, moisture or any material that may affect bonding.  *Perform a Moisture Vapor Test before making the coating application on concrete.  Clean by abrasive “brush-off” blast.  Provide rough profile minimum 2 mils.   Review ASTM D4259 Abrading Concrete and ASTM F1869 Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission.  Seal/repair all bug-holes, cracks and spalls, see ASTC data sheets on 830, 4034 and 3004 (joints). Use an ASTC primer over filled cracks and voids.

Do not apply 6007 to floors that have not been properly repaired, treated and primed or that do not have a pH of 7-8.5.   Remove all old coatings.

To apply over existing material/coating:  The existing coating must be abraded to produce a profile of a minimum of 3 mils.  The application over existing materials is only as good as the existing material that is in place.  Such materials should be well bonded and very secure to the substrate.

Improper mixing may result in product failure.

For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer.

Top Coats over 6007 should be applied as soon as the 6007 has set enough to allow access to apply additional coatings.  If the 6007 has set and become cured for 8 to 12, the surface may have to be abraded to add profile for bonding of a top coat.

Limitations:   Concrete;  Best results over 2 to 3 mil profile and vapor barrier as needed. Hot conditions: the product may set faster in hot conditions and slower in cold conditions.  Keep out of direct sunlight and store the product kits on wood pallets at room temperature.

6007 Data Sheet