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Garnet Anti-Slip Brown Colored For Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Urethane Coatings

Our Garnet Brown Colored Anti-Slip additive provide a low cost, very aggressive, tough, durable long lasting anti-slip surface when added to pigmented epoxy, polyspartic, polyurea and urethane coatings.  Comes in the most popular 36 grit size.

Garnet in terms of aggressiveness and longevity is between silica sand and aluminum oxide.

Garnet is derived from mined Almandite and Andradite mineral deposits, and is a semi-precious stone. Once extracted, it is processed and then screened to a specified grade.

Garnet is heavier and does not blend as easily as polybeads into the coating and more care is required to make sure they are thoroughly mixed into the coating (aggregate is added to Parts A & B during initial jiffy mixing process) to keep from settling.  For lighter applications of garnet, aggregate is best applied by broadcasting into the topcoat while wet and then backrolling to fully encapsulate with the coating.

Sold in  in quart size (3.65 lbs) and 50 lb box.

Typical usage is 1 lb for 2-3 gallons coating.  Increase/decrease as required. Recommend small test to understand how much additive will produce your desired results.

How much anti-slip aggregate to use involves a trade-off between safety, visual appearance and ability to keep clean.  Anti-slip aggregates will reduce the sheen level of a coating and become more visible the greater the application rate.  They can also make it harder to keep clean. Users need to determine their own requirements as every application is different.

Don’t recommend garnet anti-slip for applications where people are walking on the surface in bare feet.


  • SSR-20 (2 sizes) are round polybeads that are the least aggressive, least visible and easiest to apply anti-slip.  They are a lightweight additive mixed into the topcoat while mixing Parts A and B.  Not recommended for use in heavy duty commercial or industrial applications or where an aggressive anti-slip surface is required.
  • Silica (4 grit sizes) is a low cost anti-slip for a more aggressive anti-slip protection. It is a heavier additive that is typically broadcast into the topcoat while wet and then backrolled so it is encapsulated by the coating.  It is also more visible and harder to clean than the SSR-20.  It is most commonly used in commercial and industrial applications.
  • Garnet (1 grit size) is a low cost anti-slip that is not quite as hard or tough as aluminum oxide but a step up from silica sand in terms of durability and anti-slip safety.  It comes in brown color so needs to be used in pigment coatings only.
  • Aluminum Oxide (4 grit sizes and 3 colors) is a very tough mineral used for maximum anti-slip protection.  It is the longest lasting, most durable anti-slip aggregate offering the greatest degree of safety on wet surfaces.  However it will also be the most visible and most difficult to keep clean and is not recommended for use in applications where people are walking on it in bare feet. Aluminum oxide is typically broadcast into the topcoat while wet and then backrolled so it is encapsulated by the coating although on heavy broadcast systems can be mixed directly into the coating while mixing parts A and B.   It is used primarily in heavy duty commercial and industrial applications and residential applications where safety is paramount.  White colored used for clear and decorative coating systems and brown colored used for pigmented systems only when a more budget friendly anti-slip solution is desired.

Where is Garnet Anti-Slip Aggregate used?

  • Floor Coating Systems when mixed into a pigmented coating
  • Industrial Floor Applications
  • Commercial Store Floors
  • Parking Structure Surfaces
  • Food Packaging, Wet Conditions
  • Garage Floors
  • Entrances & Exit Areas
  • Stairs, Decks & Balcony’s

Why Garnet Anti-Slip Aggregate?

  • Adds very tough skid resistance & texture profile to a surface
  • Works well with high performance 2 part pigmented floor coatings
  • Non-reactant – will not interfere with your coatings
  • Well bonded into the body of the coating
  • Long lasting for extended anti-slip performance
  • Cost–effective – highly effective
  • Non-toxic – inert and natural, crystalline silica levels are
    less than 1%
  • Comes in the most popular 36 grit size
  • Low Cost alternative to white colored aluminum oxide for only slightly less level of anti-slip performance
anti slip chart