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Product Description

Aluminum Oxide | White High Wear Abrasion Resistant Additive | 220 Grit | 325 Grit For Urethane & Polyaspartic

Our Aluminum Oxide White High Wear Abrasion Resistant Additive is designed to significantly increase the abrasion resistance and durability of thin film Urethane and Polyaspartic floor coatings.   Creating a longer lasting and tougher surface, the High Wear additive is easy to use.  Just add 1 to 1.5 lbs of the Aluminum Oxide High Wear Additiive to each gallon of urethane and polyaspartic floor coating while mixing the floor coatings during preparation.

The High Wear Additive is white in color and available in both 220 grit and smaller 325 grit aluminum oxide made from high grade coarse crystalline alumina that have been converted to corundum form and are fully shrunk during the manufacturing process and produced by sintering calcined alumina at a temperature just under the fusion point of the aluminum oxide, then crushed, graded or screened and ground to their specific powdered particle size.

These particles have a high thermal conductivity and good resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.  In addition these particles have a high heat capacity, high electrical capacity and provide excellent abrasion resistance when broadcast or mixed into 2 part high performance floor coatings.

Sold by weight in 1.9 lb, 3.2 lb, 13 lb, 25.6 lb and 64 lb containers.  Typical usage is 1 lb to 1.5 lb for each 1 gallon of coating.  Increase/decrease as  desired.

Aluminum Oxide High Wear Abrasion Resistant Additives will decrease gloss level of the coating and can change the decorative looks as usage increases especially on clear coatings.  Designed for thin film coatings including urethane and thin film polyaspartics.  Not designed for high film build products. Always determine suitability by applying a test area.  The heavier 220 grit aluminum oxide will be more visible and with more texture on the surface than the finer grade 325 grit.  Neither one is designed to provide an anti-slip surface.  That requires use of our Anti-Slip Aluminum Oxide 16 grit to 54 grit options.

When adding to Urethane and Polyspartic products, gloss and slip resistance should be evaluated to determine suitability.  After adding to the product, occasionally re-stir to insure a homogenous mixture and uniform application appearance.

Where is High Wear Aluminum Oxide used?

  • Decorative 2 Part Floor Coatings
  • Industrial Floor Applications
  • Commercial Store Floors
  • Parking Structure Surfaces
  • Food Packaging, Wet Conditions
  • Garage Floors
  • Entrances & Exit Areas
  • Stairs, Decks & Balcony’s

Why High Wear White Color Aluminum Oxide?

  • Significantly improves abrasion resistance of floor coatings
  • Helps create a tough, durable, abrasion resistant surface
  • Simple and easy to add while mixing a coating
  • Works with any urethane and thin film polyaspartic coating
  • Works well with high performance 2 part floor coatings
  • Does not change physical properties of the coating
  • Well bonded into the body of the coating
  • High hydrolitic stability
  • White Color With Two options 220 grit and 325 grit


Solids By Weight 100%
VOC Zero
Colors White/off white crystalline granules
Mix ratio Product is incorporated into the coating typically at 1 to 1.5 lbs aggregate for every gallon mixed liquid
Shelf Life Indefinite
Apparent Porosity 3% – 5%
Refractive Index 1.70 – 1.80
Hardness Mohs hardness of 9
Water Absorption Approximately 1%
Melting Temperature Greater than 2,000 degrees centigrade
Bulk Specific Gravity 3.50 – 3.60 (typical) (true density of 3.9-4.0)


Al2O3 >95%
SiO2 <0.05%
Fe2O3 <0.10%
Na2O <0.30%
L.O.I (300-12000C) 0.00%
Alpha Phase >99%