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E650 Heavy Duty Non-Skid Epoxy Floor & Deck OSHA ADA Navy Spec MIL-PRF-24667B

E650 is a two component heavy duty non-skid epoxy floor & deck coating with excellent adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance over concrete and steel surfaces.  E650 provides slip resistance in wet and slippery conditions with an aggressive anti-slip profile that offers safer footing and traction on concrete and steel surfaces in interior and exterior industrial and marine environments.

The E650 Meets Navy Military Specification Mil-PRF-24667B Non-Skid Deck Coating requirements for safe co-efficient of friction (COF), ADA and OSHA anti-slip protection guidelines when properly applied.

Available in 1 gallon kit and 40 gallons (ships in eight 5 gallon kits LTL Freight to commercial location).  Available in regular cure with a long 1-1/2 hour POT Life and low temp version which can be applied down to 38°F and will cure down to 25°F (has to remain at/above 38°F for at least 1 hour after application).

Comes in 4 colors: Light Gray, Medium Gray, Safety Yellow and Black Depending on the application, you can use a squeegee or trowel to get a smoother, less aggressive profile. Applying product with a Phenolic Core Roller offers a more aggressive surface (apply 30-40 sq’/gallon) vs flat squeegee (apply at 40-50 sq’/gallon)

PRIMER: for steel surfaces recommend E15M Epoxy Primer for best performance

TOPCOAT: Most epoxy and urethane topcoats.  Note – topcoat not recommended most applications as reduces safety benefit by smoothing out texture of surface, how much depends on how thick topcoat applied.


Mil-Spec PRF-24667B Comparison 

Condition of Coating Dry Wet
Mil-Spec requirement 0.90 0.85
E650 performance 1.10 1.14

OSHA Non-Mandatory Standard  static coefficient of friction (COF) for walking/working surfaces. (See Link)Slip Resistance. A reasonable measure of slip-resistance is static coefficient of friction (COF). A COF of 0.5, which is based upon studies by the University of Michigan and reported in the “Work Surface Friction: Definitions, Laboratory and Field Measurements, and a Comprehensive Bibliography,” is recommended as a guide to achieve proper slip resistance. A COF of 0.5 is not intended to be an absolute standard value. A higher COF may be necessary for certain work tasks, such as carrying objects, pushing or pulling objects, or walking up or down ramps.

Where is the E650 used?

  • warehouse floors
  • Walkways and Stairs (steps)
  • aisle-ways
  • parking decks
  • platforms
  • loading docks
  • Navy & Coast Guard Ship Decks
  • Barge decks
  • Tugboat decks
  • ramps
  • exterior walks
  • production areas
  • garages
  • Seafood processing areas
  • canneries
  • meat packing plants
  • bottlers
  • poultry plants
  • paper mills
  • schools & public institutions
  • theme parks
  • oil refineries
  • water treatment plants
  • breweries
  • wash down areas
  • Ships and Work Boats
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Wet Process Areas
  • Machine Shops
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food Processing Areas
  • Marinas

Why E650 Coating?

  • Heavy duty non-skid resistance for concrete & steel surfaces
  • Designed for wet areas
  • Meets ADA and OSHA requirements for safe co-efficient of friction when properly applied
  • Meets Navy Military Specification Mil-PRF-24667B for Non-Skid Deck Coating
  • Excellent adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Resistant to grease, oil, salt water, alcohol, detergent, gasoline, hydraulic fluid
  • Excellent coating for Diamond Plate
  • Easy to apply, ready to use non-skid coating
  • Available in low temperature cure down to 25°F
  • Comes in 4 colors



Solids By Volume 92%
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 1/32″ – 1/16″
VOC 74g/L
Colors Dark Gray, Light Gray, Black, Safety Yellow
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 1/32″ – 1/16″
Coverage per Gallon Phenolic Core Roller 30-40 sq’/gal, Trowel/Squeegee 40-50 sq’/galal
Packaging 1 gallon 5 gallon (5 gallon ships LTL Freight only)
Mixing ratio 4:1 by volume.  Mix 4 parts Base (Part A) to 1 part Hardener (Part B)
Shelf Life Part A 3 years, Part B 2 years unopened, temperature controlled
Coefficient of Friction Dry 1.10, Wet 1.14
Adhesion:  ACI 403 325 psi (concrete pails)
Dry Heat Resistance 160ºF ASTM D2485
Thinning 5 to 10% with SA-65 if necessary (100% MEK)
Clean-up SA-74 Thinner or substitute 100% MEK Solvent


Coverage Per Gallon Phenolic Core Roller 30-40 Sq’/Gal, Trowel/Squeegee 40-50 Sq’/Galal


Regular Cure

Temperature Working Time Dry Time Light Traffic Heavy Traffic
90ºF 18 hours 48 hours
75ºF 1-1/2 hours 8 hours 24 hours 72 hours
50ºF 36 hours 96 hours
35ºF na na

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE REGULAR CURE: 50ºF – 120ºF with relative humidity below 90%

Low Temperature Cure

Temperature Working Time Dry Time Light Traffic Heavy Traffic
90ºF 12 hours 36 hours
75ºF 1 hour 6 hours 18 hours 48 hours
50ºF 24 hours 72 hours
35ºF 48 hours 96 hours

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE LOW TEMPERATURE CURE: 38ºF – 80ºF with relative humidity below 90%

Regular cure Low Temperature application down to 45°F (air and surface low temperature during curing process).  Low Temperture Cure formula available for cold weather applying to surfaces down to 38° (needs to remain at this temp or above for at least 1 hour) and then during curing process temperatures further dropping ok to as low as 25°F.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE, SPLASH & SPILLAGE (spill contact with surface up to 72 hours)

Aviation Gas Hydraulic Fluid Phosphoric Acid 20%
Barley Solution Kerosene Citric Acid 10%
Beer Lactic Acid 20% Hydrogen Sulfide
Calcium Chloride Lard Soybean Oil
Cutting Oil Mineral Spirits Sodium Hydroxide 25%
Fish Oil Molasses Wine
Fuel Oil Motor Oil Diesel Fuel
Gasoline Olive Oil Jet Fuel


SURFACE PREPARATION In all cases of surface preparation, the pH should be checked. A pH reading of 7.0 to 8.5 is acceptable. Also, a Water Dissipation Test should be made on random areas of the floor to determine if the proper degree of porosity has been achieved. Before the installation of any Gulf Coat Paint Products, the substrate should be examined for moisture. Test for moisture vapor transmission using ASTM F-1869 Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride. The maximum allowable rate is 3 lbs. per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours. Test for relative humidity in concrete floor slabs using Probes according to ASTM F-2170. This test measures the presence relative humidity of the slab below the surface. The maximum relative humidity should be below 80%.

New Concrete New concrete must be cured at least a minimum of 28 days before applying a coating. On-grade slabs must have moisture vapor barrier in place. All laitance, sealers, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, grease, oil and other foreign material must be removed. The prepared surface must be clean, dry and structurally sound. Gulf Coast Paint recommends mechanical preparation by means of shot blasting or diamond grinding to achieve a CSP-2 or CSP-3 profile, in accordance with the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). The profile should reflect something similar to a 60 -100 grit sandpaper. If the substrate is not properly prepared and the appropriate profile is not achieved, failure of the product to adhere to the substrate may occur.

Old Concrete Old concrete surfaces must be structurally sound. Any unsound areas must be repaired prior to proceeding with the resinous installation. For proper patching and repairing, use CF-615 and/or E1000 with graded aggregate. Remove existing paint and loose concrete by rough sanding, sandblasting, high pressure water cleaning, shot blasting or grinding. In some cases where plant conditions allow, a stripper may be used to remove excessive build-up of paints or sealers.

Steel (Diamond Plate or equivalent) Surfaces Recommend first applying a steel primer on smooth surfaces like the E100 Moisture Cured Urethane Primer and for textured surfaces like diamond plate the E15M Epoxy Steel Primer or equivalent for best long term results.  Remove any scaled or loose rust.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS E650 is prepared by mixing 4 parts Base (Part A) to 1 part Hardener (Part B) with a 400-600 RPM explosion proof variable speed drill and Jiffy mixer. E650 may be thinned 5-10% by volume with SA-65 Thinner if necessary (100% MEK). Thinning will decrease the non-skid profile. Use immediately after mixing, no induction time is needed. This material has a high viscosity – mix well. Improper mixing may result in product failure.

For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer. NOTE:  Always wear protective gloves and clothing while mixing and applying E650.  Do not get on skin.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Do not apply until surface has been properly prepared. For best results, prime concrete with E5015 or HyperPRIME Concrete Primer.  For priming steel surfaces, use the E15M Epoxy Mastic.  Allow primer to cure before applying E650. E650 should be applied with a Phenolic Core Roller, Flat Blade Squeegee, or trowel. A phenolic core roller cover produces a textured and uniform ridged surface. If a smoother surface is desired, use a trowel or a flat blade squeegee. Immediately after mixing pour a ribbon the E650 on to surface. The ribbon should be approximately 2-3 feet long and 6 inches wide.

When using a Phenolic Core Roller pull the material towards you using some pressure. Do not over roll material this can decrease the non-skid. Roll material only in one direction. Strike off any excessive material build-up on edges from roller lap. The spread rate is approximately 30-40 sq. ft. per gallon.

When using a squeegee or trowel, hold on 45º angle pulling material toward you. Pour a 2-3 inch wide ribbon. Apply at an even thickness at an approximate coverage rate of 40-50 sq. ft. per gallon.

For safety and proper product curing, good ventilation is necessary when painting indoors or in confined areas. Be sure the batch numbers are all the same to provide uniform color. Epoxy coatings may yellow or darken during application and after final cure. This will affect the color but will have no effect on the performance of the product. Heaters that emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide can cause the coating to yellow

CAUTIONS E650 Base is flammable. E650 Hardener is corrosive. Keep away from all sources of ignition during mixing, application and cure. The HARDENER and BASE can cause eye and skin burns as well as allergic reactions. The use of goggles, fresh air masks or NIOSH approved respirators, protective skin cream and protective clothing. This product is sold without warranty as to performance expressed or implied. Users are urged to make their own tests to determine the suitability for their particular conditions.


  • Do not apply over frost, wet or damp surfaces or extremely high humidity conditions.
  • Do not apply over expansion joints.
  • Do not apply if the surface temperature is within 5° of the dew point.
  • Always apply a test patch of E650 for owners approval prior to application
  • Partially used containers must be reclosed tightly to prevent moisture in air from reacting with material and forming a tough skin.  Skin can be removed and remaining material used.  Be sure to stir.

SEE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR FULL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.  FOR PROFESSIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.  NOT FOR RESIDENTIAL USE NOTICE TO BUYER: DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATIONS ON OUR LIABILITY We warrant that our products are manufactured to strict quality assurance specifications and that the information supplied by us is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Such information supplied about our products is not a representation or a warranty. It is supplied on the condition that you shall make your own tests to determine the suitability of our product for your particular purpose. Any use or application other than recommended herein is the sole responsibility of the user. Listed physical properties are typical and should not be construed as specifications. NO WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING SUCH OTHER INFORMATION, THE DATA ON WHICH IT IS BASED, OR THE RESULTS YOU WILL OBTAIN FROM ITS USE. N0 WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE MERCHANTABLE OR THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NO WARRANTY IS MADE THAT THE USE OF SUCH INFORMATION OR OUR PRODUCT WILL NOT INFRINGE UPON ANY PATENT. We shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, direct or indirect. Our liability is limited to the net selling price of our product or the replacement of our product, at our option. Acceptance of delivery of our product means that you have accepted the terms of this warranty whether or not purchase orders or other documents state terms that vary from this warranty. No representative is authorized to make any representation or warranty or assume any other liability on our behalf with any sale of our products. Our products contain chemicals that may CAUSE SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. BEFORE USING, READ THE SAFETY DATA SHEET AND FOLLOW THE PRECAUTIONS TO PREVENT BODILY HARM.

Installing E650 (Phenolic Core Roller)

Installing E650 (Flat Blade Squeegee)