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E100C Moisture Cured Urethane Sealer | Dustproofer | Concrete Wood Masonry

E101C is a single component, high performing, moisture cured clear urethane coating that dries quickly to a hard abrasion and stain resistant film.  E101C is used as a heavy duty stain resistant sealer and dustproofer for concrete or wood surfaces.  E101C is ideal as a thin film clear sealer over heavy use concrete to help eliminate dusting due to concrete laitance and to help prevent spalling due to thermo shock freeze/thaw cycles.  Good for commercial wood applications such as wood factory floors, wood trailer floors and residential floors for old hardwood floors etc as a heavy duty protective sealer over stained wood and when over bare wood after first sanding using 120 grit orbital sander.

Due to its excellent impact and abrasion resistance, E101C is widely used in heavy traffic warehouse and other high use areas where a clear sealer and dustproofer is needed.  Recommend 2 coats for increased durability.  E101C can be used as a primer under epoxy coating systems.  Not UV stable and the clear will amber so not recommended by itself when the project requires a decorative clear product without topcoating with a pigmented coating.

Available in 1 gallon container

Apply at 2.0-3.0 dry mils per coat 290-440 sq’/gallon.  As a moisture cured urethane, requires enough moisture in the air to cure properly.  Do NOT apply unless humidity is at least 50% for 3-4 hours during application.  When applying 2 coats, recommend sanding between coats with 120 grit sander.

Application using a lambs wool applicator, 3/8″ lint free professional grade epoxy roller, bristle brush or spray.   Keep in mind tight recoat window (@75°F & 50% RH) 2 hours minimum and 6 hours maximum (do NOT apply after recoat window exceeded without first sanding surface with 120 grit sander)

PRIMER: non recommended

TOPCOAT:  Can apply multiple coats of the E101C.

Where is the E100C Moisture Cured Urethane used?

  • concrete floors
  • warehouse floors
  • wood floors
  • garage floors
  • production floors,
  • factories
  • assembly plants
  • labs
  • institutions
  • chemical plants
  • pulp and paper mills
  • power plants
  • refineries
  • fertilizer plants
  • waste and water treatment facilities

Why E100C Urethane Sealer | Dustproofer?

  • Great heavy duty stain resistant floor sealer for warehouse and other heavy use areas
  • Excellent adhesion and sealer for concrete, wood and masonry surfaces.
  • Extremely hard, yet flexible film.
  • Outstanding “wearing properties
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and impact.
  • Excellent stain resistance.
  • Keeps concrete dusting down.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Quick recoat as soon as 1-2 hours
  • One component, easy to use – No mixing 1-2 hour POT Life.


Volume Solids 55% +/- 2%
VOC 390 g/L
Colors Clear/Amber (not UV stable and clear will amber over time)
Coverage 2.0 – 3.0 dry mils per coat @ 290-440 sq/ft per gallon
Mixing Ratio One component – single package
Package Sizes 1 gallon container
POT Life 1-2 hours @75°F & 50% RH)
Recoat Time @75°F & 50% RH) 2 hours minimum and 6 hours maximum (do NOT apply after recoat window exceeded unless first sand 125 grit sander)
Gloss Level High Gloss
Abrasion Resistant CS-17 Wheel, 1000 cycles, 1 kg load:  20 mg ASTM D4060
Heat Resistance 350ºF ASTM D2485
Bond Strength 325 PSI (concrete fails) ACI 403
Impact Resistance Pigmented Passes Direct 160 inch lbs, Reverse 160 inch lbs  ASTM D2794
Flexibility Passes 180º Bend 1/8″ mandrel ASTM D522
Application Temp 50°F – 90°F
Pencil Hardness Gauge Method Colored H   ASTM D3363
Sward Hardness Result 44  ASTM D2134
Shelf Life Minimum 6 months store at 50°F – 90°F


Coverage 2.0 – 3.0 Dry Mils Per Coat @ 290-440 Sq/Ft Per Gallon


Temperature Humidity Tack Free Minimum Recoat Maximum Recoat
90ºF 50% 30 min 1 hours 4 hours
75ºF 50% 1 hour 2 hours 6 hours
50ºF 35% 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours

NOTE:  Always recoat E101C the same day before rain, fog and/or condensation can occur on the coating.  These conditions will result in poor adhesion of the next coat.  When applying multiple coats of MCU-101, lightly sand with 125 grit sander between coats.  Be sure to remove all dust.  Higher humidity will decrease the recoat times.

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: 50ºF – 90ºF Do not apply to surfaces below 50°F or above 90°F. Do not apply over dew or frost. The surface temperature should be at least 5°F above the dew point.



In all cases of surface preparation, the pH should be checked.  A pH reading of 7.0 to 8.5 is acceptable.  Also, a Water Dissipation Test should be made on random areas of the floor to determine if the proper degree of porosity has been achieved.  Before the installation of any Gulf Coat Paint Products, the substrate should be examined for moisture.  Test for moisture vapor transmission using ASTM F-1869 Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate of Concrete Subfloor using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride.  The maximum allowable rate is 3 lbs. per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours.  Test for relative humidity in concrete floor slabs using Probes according to ASTM F-2170.  This test measures the presence relative humidity of the slab below the surface.  The maximum relative humidity should be below 80%.

New concrete must be cured at least a minimum of 28 days before applying a coating.  On-grade slabs must have moisture vapor barrier in place.  All laitance, sealers, efflorescence, chemical contaminants, grease, oil and other foreign material must be removed.  The prepared surface must be clean, dry and structurally sound.

Proper floor preparation should include acid etching to create a textured surface followed by power washing.

Old concrete surfaces must be structurally sound.  Any unsound areas must be repaired prior to proceeding with the resinous installation.  For proper patching and repairing, use CF-615 and/or E1000 with graded aggregate.  Remove existing paint and loose concrete by rough sanding, sandblasting, high pressure water cleaning, shot blasting or grinding.  In some cases where plant conditions allow, a stripper may be used to remove excessive build-up of paints or sealers.


E101C is made ready for use by stirring.  When used over a period of time, stir occasionally to maintain uniform mix.  Thinning is not usually necessary.  If done, use up to 1 pint SA-50 Reducer which is a water free grade (100% Xylene).  Keep unused material tightly closed at all times.

For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer.

NOTE:  Always wear protective gloves and clothing while mixing and applying E101C.  Do not get on skin.


E101C may be applied by Lambswool application, brush or spray.  When rolling, the roller cover should be a 3/8″ nap lint free professional grade epoxy roller with a phenolic core, and brushes should be natural bristles.  For spray, it is important that a moisture/oil trap be used on incoming air, and that fluid lines be flushed first with an anhydrous solvent (water free) such as S-74 (100% MEK).  Also, flush every 1-2 hours during use to keep lines clean from material build up.  When applying multiple coats of E101C, lightly sand between coats.  Be sure to remove all dust.

Required equipment is as follows:

Airless Spray

Use a minimum 20:1 ratio pump with 80-100 psi inbound air.  Recommended a .011”-.017” tip.  Adjust pressure for proper atomization based on selected tip.

When spraying, use a 50% overlapping crosshatch pattern to minimize the occurrence of pinholes.  Do not apply to surfaces below 50°F or above 90°F.  Do not apply over dew or frost.  The surface should be dry and at least 5°F above the dew point.



E101C is flammable.  Keep away from all sources of ignition during storage, mixing, application and cure.  Contains Polyisocyanate based on MDI and aromatic solvents. When applying, the use of goggles, fresh air masks or NIOSH approved respirators, protective skin cream, and protective clothing is recommended as a standard practice. This product is sold without warranty as to performance expressed or implied.  Users are urged to make their own tests to determine the suitability for their particular conditions.


  • Do not apply over frost, wet or damp surfaces or extremely high humidity conditions.
  • Not recommended as tank lining for constant immersion.
  • Must be recoated within 6 hours at 75°F and 50% R.H.
  • Partially used containers must be reclosed tightly to prevent moisture in air from reacting with material and forming a tough skin.  Skin can be removed and remaining material used.  Be sure to restir.

SEE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR FULL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.  FOR PROFESSIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY  KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.  NOT FOR RESIDENTIAL USE NOTICE TO BUYER: DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATIONS ON OUR LIABILITY We warrant that our products are manufactured to strict quality assurance specifications and that the information supplied by us is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Such information supplied about our products is not a representation or a warranty. It is supplied on the condition that you shall make your own tests to determine the suitability of our product for your particular purpose. Any use or application other than recommended herein is the sole responsibility of the user. Listed physical properties are typical and should not be construed as specifications. NO WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING SUCH OTHER INFORMATION, THE DATA ON WHICH IT IS BASED, OR THE RESULTS YOU WILL OBTAIN FROM ITS USE. N0 WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE MERCHANTABLE OR THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NO WARRANTY IS MADE THAT THE USE OF SUCH INFORMATION OR OUR PRODUCT WILL NOT INFRINGE UPON ANY PATENT. We shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, direct or indirect. Our liability is limited to the net selling price of our product or the replacement of our product, at our option. Acceptance of delivery of our product means that you have accepted the terms of this warranty whether or not purchase orders or other documents state terms that vary from this warranty. No representative is authorized to make any representation or warranty or assume any other liability on our behalf with any sale of our products. Our products contain chemicals that may CAUSE SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. BEFORE USING, READ THE SAFETY DATA SHEET AND FOLLOW THE PRECAUTIONS TO PREVENT BODILY HARM.