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Wet Look High Gloss Sealer Enhances | Rejuvinates | with a Clear High Gloss

Rainguard Wet Look High Gloss  is a silicone acrylic water sealer that restores surface color and beautifies with a clear high gloss, “wet look” finish. It delivers professional quality protection for the homeowner that is both water repellent and wear resistant and yet easy to apply and safe to use.   It also resists the growth of mold and mildew on the surface and helps makes stains easier to clean. Wet Look is designed for a wide range of home projects focused on protecting your investment and enhancing the beauty.  It is not designed for use on horizontal surfaces subject to vehicular traffic.

Where is Wet Look used?

  • Homeowner projects:  Decks, patios, porches, walkways, fences

Why Wet Look Sealer?

  • Beautiful high gloss water and stain resistant protection
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • For use on vertical or horizontal surfaces which can be painted/stained or unpainted/unstained
  • Micro-Lok technology provides a tough, durable, long lasting sealer
  • Non-yellowing, resists UV damage for superior outdoor performance
  • Easy application
  • Water based for easy soap & water clean up
  • Eco-Friendly – Low VOC, low odor, safe to use


Color Clear
Sheen/Gloss Level High gloss.  Will get glossier with additional coats
Dry To Re-Coat 60 Minutes
#Coats Recommended 1 – 3 coats depending on level of gloss and protection desired
Back in-service time 24 hours to walk-on
Application method Low pressure hand pump or airless sprayer, smaller areas can be applied using a roller
Where Can it be Used All Interior|Exterior painted and unpainted architectural surfaces
Apply to New Concrete 10 days
Low Application Temperature 40F|10C Surface & Air
 Base  Water
VOC Content <20 g/L
Use on Material All masonry, concrete and wood surfaces
Warranty Available 3 year material warranty available –  download warranty application to register, see DOCUMENTS tab above
Porous Surfaces 60 – 100
Dense Surfaces 100 – 150
Stucco/EIFS 150 – 200
Wood 175 – 200
Painted Surfaces 400


Temperature (surface|air) 40F to 90F (4.4C to 35C) and at least 5F above dew point
Moisture of substrate Less than 15%
Humidity Less than 70%
Rain No rain 48 hrs prior to, 48 hrs after application
Cure time for newly poured concrete 10 days
Application method Use low pressure hand pump or garden sprayer, roller for smaller areas


Porous Vertical Surfaces
WET LOOK is supplied ready to use. DO NOT THIN. Mix thoroughly prior to use. Avoid application in windy weather. In hot weather, lightly dampen surfaces with clean fresh water to avoid premature or flash drying.   Most effective application method is with a hand pump garden sprayer or airless sprayer.  For smaller areas roller can be used.  Make sure not to leave any puddled areas on horizontal surfaces.

Start first coat application at the top of the wall. Apply flood coat with a 6î-8î rundown and back-roll material into surface voids. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry.

Vertical Concrete Surfaces
Material may be applied as soon as the forms are removed.  Surfaces shall be clean and free of form oils and release agents. Start first coat application at the top of the wall. Apply saturation coat and back-roll materials. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry.

Horizontal Concrete Surfaces
Apply 2 saturation coats to damp concrete to assist the curing and hardening process. Apply 1 saturation coat to existing concrete surfaces to dust proof surfaces. Remove
excess standing or ponding materials with a roller. Gloss will increase with the application of additional coats.

Apply 1 saturation coat with run-down and back-roll material. Apply second saturation coat when the first coat is dry.

May be applied to stucco or plaster during the curing process or when fully cured. Apply 1 saturation coat and backroll materials. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry.

Chalked Surfaces
Apply 1 coat to chalked surfaces. Allow material to dry and check surface for chalking. Apply a second coat to surfaces as needed to control remaining surface chalk.

Surfaces shall be clean and bare. Pre-treat knots with a small amount of material. Apply a minimum of 2 saturation coats to wood surfaces. Apply second coat when the first coat is dry.

Masonry and Concrete
All surfaces to be coated shall be structurally sound, clean and dry free of laitance, accumulated dirt and grime, efflorescence, lime run, form oils and release agents, grease, mud, excess mortar and mold and mildew, etc. Remove loose and peeling paint, excessive chalk and other contaminants from surfaces. Dry brushing is the preferred method for cleaning surfaces prior to material application. However, chemical, mechanical, abrasive or high-pressure water blasting may be used. Allow wet cleaned surfaces to dry for 2-3 days before application of materials.

EFIS and Other surfaces
Surfaces shall be structurally sound, clean and dry. Clean EFIS surfaces following manufacturerís recommendations.

1. All surfaces to be coated should be clean of any dirt and grime, efflorescence, lime run, form oils and release agents, grease, mud, excess mortar, and mold and mildew, etc.
2. All cracks should be pointed or caulked. All voids, bee holes, masonry surface defects and openings such as conduits, pipes, drains, door frames, vents, air conditioner openings, electrical openings, control joints, or any dissimilar materials should be repaired using urethane or other approved patching.

Store materials in a well-protected area between 45° and 90°F. Avoid freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture. Keep away from heat sources.