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7″ Concrete Pro Hand Grinder Kit | Metabo W24-230 With Dust Shroud | (2) Diamond Wheels & Handle

The 7” Metabo W24-230 Grinder-vac is a hand held concrete surface grinder that is designed to prepare concrete surfaces prior to application of epoxy, polyaspartic and urethane coatings and collect the dust at the same time while hooked up to a vacuum (vacuum attachment sold separately).

This heavy duty 15 amp 6,600 rpm 120V grinder is considered a “must have” for any industrial flooring contractor that applies floor coatings and needs to prepare the concrete or needs to remove old coatings, carpet glue and rough up the concrete or grind down high spots.  Hand-held units are great for smaller jobs or in combination with walk-behind grinders on larger projects

The 7” Grinder is designed to grind edges, tight areas, underneath fixtures or other areas where a larger floor grinder or shotblaster will not reach.  Production capacity of the 7″ grinder is rated as much as 150 to 200 sq’/hour with actual preparation and removal speed depending on conditions.

This setup comes with the U.S.SAWS Generation 2 dust shroud that can be hooked up to a variety of dust collection systems for dust containment, a Metabo W24-230 Grinder, Comfort Grip Loop Handle and (2) 7” 12 Segment threaded arbor Turbo Cup Wheels. For replacement wheels E7TR12SLT.  The grinder is covered for three years under Metabo’s factory warranty. Please see Metabo’s warranty for details.

The 7″ Grinder kit comes with the US Saws G2 Convertible Shroud, designed to be the most durable and user-friendly dust shroud on the market. With the dust shroud, the concrete dust is extracted so that the operator may work without exposure to harmful dust. The convertible shroud allows the operator to grind against a vertical surface. A support flange allows the shroud to flex and keep a tight seal over uneven surfaces while preventing the cup wheel from making contact with the dust shroud.

The 7″ W24-230 Metabo grinder comes equipped to work with most threaded grinding wheels.  For use with open arbor grinding wheels will need to order the following Cup Wheel Mounting Nuts, SX50502 and SX50503.  .

Usage Tips:

A 7″ grinder with the proper diamond wheel will remove existing epoxy and other coatings and rough up the floor at the rate of about 100 square feet per hour.  To achieve this rate of speed make sure you are using a Diamond Cup Wheel.   For a traditional 100% solids epoxy or equivalent coating system for a garage or basement floor, a diamond cup wheel with 30/40 grit diamonds is recommended.  For heavier duty, thicker systems such as moisture vapor barrier epoxies and heavier duty warehouse coating epoxy systems, suggest a diamond cup wheel with larger diamonds, less than 30 grit size such as the 16/20 grit diamond wheels.  Use of smaller diamonds >40 grit size can remove epoxy but may not properly rough up the concrete.

Included with the 7″ grinder are (2)  U.S.SAWS 7″ 12 Segment Turbo Diamond Segment Grinding Wheels that feature a specific length threaded hub so the cup wheel sits in the shroud at the correct height.  Other brand cup wheels may require spacers or adapters or may bind on the shroud.  Average life of these wheels are 300-1000 sq feet depending on the concrete.  The 2 wheels included with the 7″ grinder are expected to last through the typical 400 to 500 square foot 2 car garage with no problem.  Coating removal or soft concrete can drastically change this figure.

To remove dust while using the 7″ concrete grinder kit and turn your standard Shop-Vac into an effective, industrial dust collector, removing most of the concrete dust that passes from your grinder or saw’s dust shroud before it reaches your vacuum’s filter see the US Saws Cycvlone Pre Separator



  • Concrete Floor Projects
  • Corners and hard to get to places on concrete floors
  • Vertical Concrete Curbing along Garage Walls
  • Concrete Steps
  • Old Coating Removal Projects
  • Removal of old paint, epoxy, polyaspartic, urethane coatings
  • Removal of glue on floors

WHY the 7″ Concrete Pro Hand Grinder Kit?

  • Hand-held units that are great for smaller jobs or in combination with walk-behind grinders on larger projects
  • Use on concrete for cleaning, leveling high spots or uneven floor surfaces, removing glues, mastic, epoxies and other coatings
  • May be connected to a variety of dust collection systems for dust containment
  • The unit’s polyurethane dust shroud is long lasting and is offered in full shrouds and convertible models that flip up to allow for edge work along walls
  • Kit include electric grinder, dust shroud (full or convertible), (2) diamond cup grinding wheels and hardware for mounting threaded diamond cup wheels, ZEC wheels, or polishing pads



Amps 15 amps
No load speed  6600 rpm
Revolutions at rated load 4600 rpm
Tourque 150 in-lbs
Spindle Thread 5/8″-11 unc
Weight (without power cable or shroud) 13.2 lbs
Cable length 13 ft
Noise Emission
Sound pressure level 94 dB(A)
Sound power level (L wA) 105 dB(A)