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The Dripless DC600 Dual-Component Joint Filler And Adhesive Gun, Also Called A Two-Part Or Two-Component Applicator, Can Accommodate 22 oz or 600 ml twin cartridge kits (each tube 11 oz/300 ml x 2 tubes) .  Works with 1:1 Or 2:1 Mix Ratio.  Has A Thrust Ratio Of 26:1 For Applying Very High Viscosity Polyurea, Epoxies And Other Adhesives. Each Pull Of The Trigger Advances The Cartridges By 3.5 Mm. The Steel Gripper Plates And Push Disc Provide Durability, And An Adjustable Screw That Cuts Thrust Gaps And Provides Smoother Bead Control. The DC600 Works Well When Applying The Polyurea 2 Component Cartridge Kits For Our 3246 Polyurea Expansion Joint, 3004 Polyurea Control Joint, 800 And 830 Polyurea Adhesive/Sealant Product, 4034 Polyurea Crack Repair products and the E443 Epoxy/Urethane Crack Repair. Each DC600 Dual Component Gun comes complete with the necessary hardware to accommodate both dual 300 ml x 300 ml and 300 ml x 150 ml cartridge configurations.  See the How to Setup tab on this product page for detailed setup instructions. Caulking Guns, Also Called Caulk Or Cartridge Guns, Dispense A Controlled Flow Of Products Such As Caulk, Sealants, And Adhesives From A Tube Or Cartridge. A Manual Caulking Gun Consists Of A Frame Which Holds The Tube, A Trigger, And A Rod Which Moves Forward When The Trigger Is Depressed, Dispensing The Product. Manual Caulking Guns Have A Thrust Ratio; The Higher The Thrust Ratio, The Easier It Is To Dispense The Caulk, Sealant, Or Adhesive. Air-Powered Or Pneumatic Caulking Guns Also Have A Frame And A Trigger, But Are Used With An Air Pressure Regulator That Pushes The Product From The Tube Using Air Pressure Instead Of A Rod.


  • For Dispensing 2 Component Joint Filler, Sealants And Adhesives
  • Polyurea
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane


  • Dual-Component twin cartridge gun
  • Each cartridge holds either 11 oz /300 ml or 5.5 oz / 150 ml of product
  • Handles both 1:1 (300 ml x 300 ml) or 2:1 (300 ml x 150 ml) mix ratio tube configuration
  • Quickly Apply Polyurea, Epoxy, Urethane Products
  • Easy Application Of our Polyurea repair products: 3246, 3004, 800, 830 and the Epoxy/Urethane E443
  • Thrust Ratio 26:1 For Very High Viscosity Materials
  • Each Pull Of Trigger Advances Cartridges By 3.5 mm
  • Double steel gripper plates and steel push disks
  • Composite straps and braces
  • Aluminum handle
  • Side-by-side rod design
  • Adjustable screw cuts thrust gaps

HOW TO SETUP DC600 FOR 300 ml x 300 ml (1:1 mix ratio) OR 300 ml x 150 ml (2:1 mix ratio) DUAL CARTRIDGE KITS

(comes complete with hardware for both the 1:1 and 2:1 mix ratio configurations)

DC600 Dual Cartridge Gun 300 ml x 300 ml
DC600 Dual Cartridge Gun 300 ml x 150 ml