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Whiteboard Paint Dry Erase Water Based Coating

Rainguard Whiteboard Paint is a two-component, high performance, eco-friendly, zero-VOC, odorless, water-based, aliphatic polyurethane paint/coating. Whiteboard Paint is a dry erase coating that provides excellent adhesion and a durable  surface to write on.  Turn almost any surface into a dry erase whiteboard.

Preserve the existing color of your painted walls using the clear Whiteboard Paint or create your own dry erase whiteboard using the pre-tinted white color.  Write on the coated surface with dry erase markers 72 hours after application and easily wipe off any writing. Great for schools, offices, and home.  With exceptional adhesion the RainguardPro Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint will turn an ordinary surface in a useable dry erase board.

Comes in a clear color for use over existing colored surfaces or use the white color to turn most any surface into a dry erase whiteboard.

Rainguard Whiteboard Paint can be applied to a very wide range of surfaces including chalkboards, whiteboards, dry erase wall coverings, plastic, glass, laminate, aluminum, metal, wood and existing painted surfaces. Easy to apply, may be sprayed, brushed, or roller applied.

It comes in 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon and 4 gallon kits in a non-yellowing clear or in a pre-tinted white.  It has IsoFree technology so that when Part B is mixed with Part A, the crosslink reaction makes the combined product free of any isocyanates.  Thereby the product is safe to apply for both the applicator and the environment with zero voc’s.

For an easy to install and easy to remove dry erase board option in a white color for painted interior walls, consider our Whiteboard Dry Erase Film 

Where is Whiteboard Dry Erase Coating used?

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Chalkboard
  • Architectural Grade Latex Paint
  • Whiteboard
  • Dry Erase Wall Covering
  • Plastic
  • Unpainted Wood*
  • Glass
  • Laminate
  • Aluminum & Metal
  • Galvanized & Ungalvanized Steel
  • Existing Whiteboard Paint

Why Whiteboard Dry Erase Coating?

  • Turns almost any surface into a Dry Erase Whiteboard
  • Comes in Clear or White Color
  • Write on it only 72 hours after application
  • Tough, Durable, Long Lasting Dry Erase Surface
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Great Chemical and acid resistance
  • MEK Double rub @50% solids Passed 2,000 Cycles Test
  • Non-yellowing & UV resistant topcoat
  • Odor Free and Zero VOC’s
  • Water Based and Non-Flammable


Substrates Sq Ft/Gallon
Textured Surfaces Approx.125-150
All Masonry Surfaces Approx. 150-200
Painted Surfaces Approx. 200-250
Wood Surfaces Approx. 150-200
Metal Approx. 250-300


Pot Life 3/4 to 1 hour
Tack Free (dry to touch) 4 hours
Recoat 4 – 8 hours
Ready to Write on 72 hours


Solids by Weight Clear 60% (+/-2%) Pigmented 66% (+/-2%)
Solids by Volume 50%
VOC 0 g/L (mixed)
Colors Clear and white
Recommended Film Thickness  3-4 mils wet, 1.5-2 mils dry (Do not apply over 5 mils wet)
Coverage per Gallon 125 – 300 sq’/gal @3-4 mils wet thickness
Packaging 16 oz kit, 32 oz kit, 1 gallon kit, 4 gallon kit
Mix Ratio 2.25:1 mix ratio by volume
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened container
Finish High gloss (>90 at 60 degrees @glossmeter)
Gloss Loss <10% ASTM D523
Color Loss <1.1% ASTM D2244
Humidity 1500+ hours ASTM D2244
Salt Spray 1500+ hours ASTM B117
Abrasion Resistance < 40 mg ASTM D4060
MEK Double rub @50% solids Passed 2,000 cycles
Flexibility Pass ASTM 2794
Adhesion Pass ASTM D2197
Odor None
 Hardness > 2H


RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint provides excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and acids, including:

 Ammonium hydroxide
 Potassium hydroxide
 Sodium hydroxide
Sodium chloride
Trisodium phosphate
Ethyl Alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Methyl alcohol
Hyjet #3
Skydrol 500 A & B
Hydrochloric acid 10%
Phosporic acid 35%
Sulfuric acid 20%
Acetic acid 24%
Toluene & Xylene
Jet fuel – Butyl cellusolve
Acetone – Cellusolve acetate
MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone)
Beer – cola – milk
Mustard – bleach


PRODUCT STORAGE: The recommended storage temperature is approximately 22 °C (72 °F). Do not damage containers. Store in a dry place. Do not store for extended periods in direct sunlight. Protect containers from resin and moisture contamination.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Make sure all contamination such as dirt, oil, grease etc has been removed from surface that might impact adhesion.


  • Stir Part A for 2 minutes with Jiffy Mixer type drill mixer at slow speed (500 rpm) to fully disperse the product
  • To Catalyze product (get it ready to use) pour Part B into Part A slowly and mix for 2-3 minutes
  • Pour a portion of mixed Part A and B back into Part B can until full and mix well for 30 seconds, then pour back into the mixed Part A and B can.
  • Allow product to stand for 5 minutes before applying.  Loosely cover mixed product  DO NOT RESEAL MIXED PRODUCT!
  • Product may be reduced with clean water to achieve desired viscosity.  We recommend using distilled water
  • Typical spray applications require a 5% to 10% reduction with water.  Do NOT exceed 25%.
  • Do NOT reduce catalyzed product after 30 minutes
  • IMPORTANT:  Mark time to establish pot life from when you start mixing A and B.  Pot life is 3/4 to 1 hour.
  • Do NOT mix with other products or other containers of RainguardPro Polyurethane HD

Improper mixing may result in product failure. For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer.

REDUCTION (OPTIONAL)  REDUCTION // CLEAR Pour the contents of Part B into Part A. After mixing the components well (as described below) for approximately two (2) minutes, it may be reduced with water up to twenty percent (20%). Typical spray applications require a 5% to 10% reduction. Do not exceed 20%. REDUCTION // WHITE Pour the contents of Part B into Part A. After mixing the components well (as described below) for approximately two (2) minutes, it may be reduced with water up to eight percent (8%).  Typical spray applications require a 5% to 8% reduction. Do not exceed 8%

PRODUCT APPLICATION: IMPORTANT: Proper methods to protect from over spraying should be implemented. Atomized particles will adhere to most surfaces and are extremely difficult to remove.  Temperature and humidity directly affect pot life and dry time. Conditions should be between 40 – 95 °F (5 – 35 °C) and humidity should not exceed 80%.  Can apply using brush, roller or sprayer.

Dark Color Surfaces Applying lighter colors over existing dark colors may require addtional coats to “hide” the previous color and provide a uniform finish.

Smooth Surfaces RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint may be applied directly over most surfaces without primer. Apply a light coat at a thickness of 3 to 4 wet mils. Do not exceed 5 mils. Reduction may create optimal flow. Dry mils thickness is 1.5-2.  Ferrous metal surfaces require primer before application.  When rolling product, recommend 1/4″ nap lint free roller for smooth surfaces

Porous Surfaces Most porous surfaces should have a sealer or filler to adequately eliminate potential pinholes prior to applying RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint .

  • For unpainted porous surfaces, use Micro-seal Water Repellent/Sealer prior to application of RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint
  • Apply one coat of RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint (3-4 mils wet per coat) allowing 4 hours between coats or when coating is tack free (pressing thumb into surface and no thumbprint remains)
  • Any runs should be brushed our rolled out immediately before drying
  • When dry, thickness is 1.5 – 2 mils
  • When rolling product, recommend 3/4″ nap lint free roller cover for porous and textured surfaces

RECOAT OR TOPCOATING: Multiple coats of this product are acceptable.  When recoating this product, it is advisable to apply the recoat before 24 hours passes. If the first coat has dried longer than 24-hours, abrade the surface to promote adhesion for the second coat.

CLEANUP: Clean up promptly with mild soap and water before product cures. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations.

WARRANTY: RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint will not yellow, crack, or peel over time.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint is a zero-VOC coating. The volatile to evaporate will be water. No special clothing or respirators are required. Due to its total water-based formulation, the hazard of flammability is removed.


  • RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint should be tested on all substrates before complete application
  • Do not apply in humidity above 80% or rain
  • Horizontal surfaces coated with RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint become slippery when wet recommend an anti-slip additive when used on an horizontal surface
  • Should not be applied in high wind, rain or when the ambient temperature is below 5 °C (40 °F).
  • Certain porous surfaces may require sealer or block filler to allow the RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint to create a more desirable application and maintain the integrity of the surface.
  • Do NOT overapply.  More is NOT better.  A heavier application can cause micro blistering and affect the finish
  • When using white color RainguardPro® Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint over previously painted surface, test first to confirm it will provide the hide needed in a one or two coat application.  Lighter colors will be easier to cover in one coat.
  • Physical properties are typical values and not specifications.