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Beautiful colors will enhance your polyaspartic flooring projects with 11 different colors to choose from. Designed to work with our E344QC, E449 and E450SF, pigment is sold in 8 oz and 16 oz containers.  Use 5-6 oz pigment per mixed gallon of E344QC/E449/E450SF or 16 oz pigment per 3 gallon kit of E344QC and 13 oz pigment per 2.5 gallon kit E449 and E450SF.

Easy to use,  just pour pigment into the clear color E344QC, E449, E450SF while mixing Parts A & B together with a Jiffy Mixer and blend together.  Add 5-6 oz per mixed gallon of liquid, depending on desired color.  For a more richer, deeper color, add 6 – 8 oz of pigment per mixed gallon of our Polyaspartic.

For proper blending of all pigments including Polyaspartic Pigments, strongly recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer which will ensure proper dispersion of pigments throughout the polyaspartic.

E344QC/E449SF Polyaspartic Colors Available