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Beautiful colors will enhance your 5500 Polyaspartic flooring projects with 7 colors to choose from.  Designed to work specifically with the 5500 and 5500-V Polyaspartic manufactured by ASTC Polymers, pigment is sold in quarts (not designed for use with any other products sold on this website).

One quart pigment will color 2-3 gallons of 5500 Polyaspartic and 5500-V Polyaspartic   Use 10-12 oz pigment per blended gallon of 5500 for most colors.  If using white, add 12-14 oz pigment per blended gallon of 5500. Do not use other pigments with the 5500 as they are not formulated with the proper base materials that are compatible with the 5500.

Do not overload the 5500 with pigment, use the minimum amount of pigment for the desired affect. When adding pigment to the 5500 when the 5500 is used as a basecoat, can add 4 oz Xylene per mixed gallon 5500 to help with dispersion of the pigment and with penetration into the substrate. When coloring a 3 gallon mix for example, pour one gallon of the Part B into a mixing bucket.  Then add the desired amount of pigment and blend.  Then take the Part A of the product, and pour it into the mixing container and blend again for approximately 2 minutes until thoroughly mixed. When mixing we strongly recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer for proper blending of pigments and best results.  Follow instructions on proper mixing procedure.