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E-Poly Pigment For All Floorguard Epoxy & Polyaspasrtic | 13 Colors

Beautiful colors will enhance your epoxy & polypasrtic flooring projects with 13 to choose from.  Universal style pigment works with all epoxy and polyaspartic coatings manufactured by Floorguard Products, pigment is sold in quarts.

One quart pigment will color from 3-16 gallons of Floorguard epoxy & polyaspartic coatings depending on the color selected, See chart below.

Pigment contains Part A resin which means you should mix pigment into Part A first by itself and not Part B (mixing into Part B will start the chemical reaction between Parts A and B and shorten your working time).  Once pigment is fully mixed into Part A, then can mix Parts A and B together.

Example mixing Ford Blue Pigment into a 3 gallon kit recommends 21 oz. of pigment mixed into the 3-gal kit.  For most accurate mixing ratio, remove 21 oz. of clear Part A, then add 21 oz. of epoxy pigment into the Part A and mix for 2-4 minutes until streak free, then when ready to start your project, add the 1 gallon of Part B  and mix for 2 minutes for a perfect 2:1 mixing ratio.

For proper blending of all pigments including Epoxy Pigments, strongly recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer which will ensure proper dispersion of pigments throughout the epoxy.

Pigment Works in Following Floorguard Epoxy & Polyaspartic

How Many oz Pigment to Use Per Mixed Gallon Epoxy & Polyaspartic

Color 2 oz 5-8 oz 10 oz
Black X
Ford Blue X
Medium Gray X
Metal Gray X
Mocha X
Safety Red X
Tan X
Tile Brown X
Dover Beige X
Jade Green X
Sable Gray X
Sky Blue X
White X

Colors Available To Tint Any Floorguard Products' Epoxies