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IronBack Steel Primer | Convert Encapsulate Stop Rust | Topcoat With Water & Oil Based Paint

IronBack Steel Primer is a complete rust conversion surface prep treatment that converts rust into a dark protective pigment embedded into a polymer coating.   It will seal out moisture and prevents future rusting as it converts, encapsulates and stops rust from spreading on steel surfaces so you don’t have to remove old coatings and lead paints before painting them.  It withstands weather, sun, water, and alt spray without peeling or cracking.

What does IronBack Steel Primer do?

Using a patented four-part process. IronBack converts rusted steel (tight rust – loose rust must be removed prior to application) into paint-ready metal in four ways in a single step, without grinding or sandblasting old paint or lead coatings and a unique technology, it:

  • Converts rusted steel into stable black metal.
  • Removes oxygen bubbles trapped in the steel that cause future rusting.
  • Seals the metal with a corrosion protective film.
  • Primes the steel for your finish paint, and keeps it rust free for years to come.

IronBack Steel Primer can be topcoated with nearly any water based or oil based coating.  Apply at 300 to 350 sq’/gallon per coat.  For best results in outdoor applications apply a 2nd coat minimum 2 hours later (at 70F) or longer depending on temperature and humidity.

Available in a tannish/black color ready for top coating, IronBack Primer comes in 1 gallon and 4 gallon sizes.

Application temperature are between 50F-100F ambient air and surface.  Easy application brush or roll 3/8″ nap roller cover.

PRIMER: None required.

TOPCOAT:  Most any water based or oils based coating.  Great for use with our Cool Coat Thermal Barrier Coating to cool metal surfaces

Where is IronBack Steel Primer Used?

  • Steel walkway handrails
  • Steel steps
  • Steel diamond plate
  • Steel fire escapes
  • Steel doors
  • Steel sheds and other steel structures
  • Interior and Exterior Rusty Steel Surfaces

Why Iron Back Steel Primer?

  • Reduce or eliminate  grinding and dangerous sandblasting
  • Converts and encapsulates steel to prevent future rusting
  • Compatible with water and oil-based paints
  • Contains no VOCs. Non-toxic. Environmentally friendly
  • Converts rusted surfaces to stable black metal.
  • Ready-to use, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
  • Contains no VOC’s. Fast clean-up.


VOC 0 g/L
Color Wet: Beige.  Dries Tan/Clear
Application guide Brush, Spray or roll
Coverage per Gallon 300 – 350 sq’ per coat.  Recommend 2 coats for outdoor applications
Packaging  1 gallon, 4 gallons
Base Acrylic copolymer
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened container


PRODUCT STORAGE: Continuous storage should be between 40F- 100F.  Do NOT allow to freeze.

CLEANING: Use a wire brush or another appropriate surface preparation procedure is needed to remove loose, flaky rust, unsound or blistered coatings and other dirt, oils, greases, or biological growth that might lead to future bond failure. Light to moderate rust that is soundly adhered may be left on the surface.

In saltwater environments, rinse steel with water. Spray or brush IronBack® on dry surfaces only. A second coat can be applied within 2 hours later (at 70F) if needed. Allow 24 hours to cure before painting with another product topcoat.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Apply a full even application to a dry surface with brushes, rollers or spray. The coating will dry to a smooth and darkened finish in about 20 minutes at 70 degrees F depending on temperature and humidity. For optimum weather resistance, apply a second coat after letting first coat dry for two hours or more.

RECOAT OR TOPCOATING:  Typical time for top coating with another product is 2 hours depending on temperature and humidity.  Can recoat IronBack Steel Primer for a 2nd coat in 30 minutes at 70F after application 1st coat.

Do not apply heavier than about coverage 300 square feet per gallon in a single coat to eliminate the possibility of trapping water between layers.

CLEANUP: Clean all equipment immediately after use with soap and water or a latex paint cleaning compound.

RESTRICTIONS: All applicators must wear protective equipment customarily used when applying paints and coatings including gloves. Although Ironback is not caustic, avoid repeated or prolonged contact with the skin and eyes. Do not ingest or inhale the coating, modify the coating with any other material or use the coating for any non-recommended purpose.

Refer to the proper SDS Sheet for persons exposed to or reacting to this coating.

Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Substrate temperature must be 5°F above dew point.
  • Physical properties are typical values and not specifications.

NOTICE TO BUYER: DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATIONS ON OUR LIABILITY We warrant that our products are manufactured to strict quality assurance specifications and that the information supplied by us is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Such information supplied about our products is not a representation or a warranty. It is supplied on the condition that you shall make your own tests to determine the suitability of our product for your particular purpose. Any use or application other than recommended herein is the sole responsibility of the user. Listed physical properties are typical and should not be construed as specifications. NO WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING SUCH OTHER INFORMATION, THE DATA ON WHICH IT IS BASED, OR THE RESULTS YOU WILL OBTAIN FROM ITS USE. N0 WARRANTY IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE MERCHANTABLE OR THAT OUR PRODUCT SHALL BE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. NO WARRANTY IS MADE THAT THE USE OF SUCH INFORMATION OR OUR PRODUCT WILL NOT INFRINGE UPON ANY PATENT. We shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages, direct or indirect. Our liability is limited to the net selling price of our product or the replacement of our product, at our option. Acceptance of delivery of our product means that you have accepted the terms of this warranty whether or not purchase orders or other documents state terms that vary from this warranty. No representative is authorized to make any representation or warranty or assume any other liability on our behalf with any sale of our products. Our products contain chemicals that may CAUSE SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. BEFORE USING, READ THE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET AND FOLLOW ALL PRECAUTIONS TO PREVENT BODILY HARM.

IronBack Steep Primer - Fire Escape Video

IronBack Steel Primer Demo