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Product Description

4030 ESD Anti-Static Neutralizer Cleaner Ready-to-Use

4030 Staticide® Neutral Cleaner is a low-foaming, multi-purpose ready-to-use formula maintenance cleaner (for concentrated version – use 4020). There is no filming or streaking when cleaning with this unique formula, making it the perfect product for any type of facility, including ESD-safe areas.

ACL 4020 anti-static neutral cleaner provides constant detergency and can be used in all facilities, as it leaves no film or streaks and is safe for septic and sewage systems with no phosphates or alkalis.  Anti-static properties of production environments will not be degraded with this non-abrasive cleaners. Containing no phosphates or alkalis, 4020 is perfect for cleaning ESD paint.  4020 is a low foam concentrate for regular cleaning of sealed and painted concrete floors, conductive flooring or standard flooring as well as wood, metal, glass or porcelain.   The 4030 is a biodegradable cleaner for use in all facilities.

4030 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate will yield a high volume of cleaner allowing facilities to save on storage space and the cost of pre-mixed material. Convenient when used with auto scrubbers in large facilities.  This non-abrasive cleaner contains no silica and will not degrade the anti-static properties of production environments.

It is ideal for use on ESD tiles, conductive floors, 4700SS Diamond Polyurethane ESD paint, and 5700 Staticide® Premium ESD Paint. Environmentally friendly, this neutral formula is safe for septic and sewage systems. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, has a neutral pH, and contains no phosphates or alkalis.

Where is 4030 used?

  • Use on  sealed and painted concrete floors, , ESD tile, conductive floors, metal, glass, porcelain and woodwork

Why 4030 Anti-Static Neutralizer Cleaner?

  • Ready-to-use (also available as a concentrate, see 4020)
  • Neutral pH 7.2
  • Low foam – no streaking formula
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable safe for sewage & septic systems
  • Non-abrasive
  • Works well the ACL’s 4700SS and 5700 ESD concrete floor paint