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MuralGuard Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating | Protect Murals & Public Art to 15 years | Non-Sacrificial | Urethane | Low Temp 40°F

MuralGuard Clear Anti-Graffiti Coating is designed to protect valuable Murals and other Public Art from graffiti damage with easy removal with up to 160+ graffiti removals and 15 years.

MuralGuard is a water based urethane that is environmentally friendly and IsoFree™ with no voc’s after mixing.  It is non-yellowing, Aliphatic and a top of the line two-component, high performance.  When only the best will do to protect important and sensitive surfaces from the visual impact and financial cost of graffiti attacks.  Comes in 3 gloss levels:  matte, satin, high gloss depending on the “look” desired.

After a graffiti attack, a Mural protected by MuralGuard can be easily cleaned up 160 times or more,  with Level 10 Cleanability Level (ASTM D6578/D6578M-13) & Level 1 Cleanability (ASTM D7089-06).  For easy cleaning use our companion VandlClean Graffiti Remover.

Can be applied in low temperatures down to 40°F.  MuralGuard provides up to 15 years of excellent protection against multiple graffiti attacks, UV exposure and harsh weather conditions for murals and other public art surfaces.  Long lasting with up to 10 year warranty on a 1 coat and 15 years on a 2 coat application (need to register warranty prior to project beginning)

MuralGuard does not yellow in sunlight and will protect the underlying painted surface from fading. MuralGuard is a two component product and is packaged in 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon and 4 gallon kits.  It is available as a clear matte, satin, high gloss sheen

It has IsoFree technology so that when Part B is mixed with Part A, the crosslink reaction makes the combined product free of any isocyanates.  Thereby the product is safe to apply for both the applicator and the environment with zero voc’s.

If you need a mural protection option in a lower sheen level, we do have a trio of other premium anti graffiti options when your project requires excellent protection against graffiti attacks.

Easy to use and easy to clean-up, VandlGuard offers the best in urethane based graffiti protection.

Good:  VandlGuard Single Part Urethane – 1 coat 5 year and 2 coats 10 year protection with a short 48 hour cure time

Better:  VandlGuard Two Part Urethane – For applications that require a faster 24 hour cure time, with increased physical and chemical resistance and one day 2 coat application time for quicker time to project completion.

Best:  VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane 2K – “Best in Class” graffiti protection for a wide variety of painted and unpainted surfaces, 3 gloss levels and both clear and white color.  Offering the easiest and quickest cleaning and graffiti removal with the lowest labor application costs.

Rainguard anti-graffiti systems are approved by the City of Los Angeles for use on all city owned buildings, Research Report: RR #25060-T, approved by the Toronto Transit Commission, North America’s largest public transportation system, for use on all owned propertied and specified on all new Walmart retail stores when graffiti protection is required.

Where is MuralGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane used?

  • Painted Murals on all kind of surfaces
  • Public Art Projects

Why MuralGuard IsoFree Anti-Graffiti Coating?

  • Outstanding Protection of Painted Murals and other Public Art projects
  • Warranted to sustain repeated graffiti removals to 15 years
  • Easy to Clean Graffiti Removal with Level 10 Cleanability Level (ASTM D6578/D6578M-13) & Level 1 Cleanability (ASTM D7089-06)
  • Over 160 graffiti cleaning cycles without damage to this tough, 2 part coating
  • UV Resistant Will Not Yellow
  • Zero VOC- SCAQMD Compliant
  • Comes in a Clear, Matte, Satin and Gloss finish
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Great Chemical Resistance


Solids (CLEAR) By Weight 60%   By Volume 50%
Solids (COLOR) By Weight 66%   By Volume 50%
VOC 0 g/L (mixed)
Colors Clear
Recommended Film Thickness  3-4 mils wet, 1.5-2 mils dry (Do not apply over 5 mils wet)
Coverage per Gallon 250 – 400 sq’/gal @3-4 mils wet thickness
Packaging 16 oz kit, 32 oz kit, 1 gallon kit and 4 gallon kit
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened container
Finish High gloss (>90 at 60 degrees @glossmeter)
Gloss Loss <10% ASTM D523
Color Loss <1.1% ASTM D2244
Humidity 1500+ hours ASTM D2244
Salt Spray 1500+ hours ASTM B117
Abrasion Resistance < 40 mg ASTM D4060
Salt Spray 1500+ hours ASTM B1117
Flexibility Pass ASTM 2794
Adhesion Pass ASTM D2197
Odor None
 Hardness > 2H


Coverage Per Gallon 300 – 400 Sq’/Gal @3-4 Mils Wet Thickness


Pot Life 3/4 to 1 hour
Tack Life (dry to touch) 4 hours
Recoat 4 – 8 hours
Full cure (maximum graffiti resistance) 3 – 7   days

APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: 40-95 degrees F with relative humidity below 80%


 Ammonium hydroxide
 Potassium hydroxide
 Sodium hydroxide
Sodium chloride
Trisodium phosphate
Ethyl Alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Methyl alcohol
Hyjet #3
Skydrol 500 A & B
Hydrochloric acid 10%
Phosporic acid 35%
Sulfuric acid 20%
Acetic acid 24%
Toluene & Xylene
Jet fuel – Butyl cellusolve
Acetone – Cellusolve acetate
MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone)
Beer – cola – milk
Mustard – bleach

Rating key: A – not recommended, B – 2 hour term splash spill, C – 8 hour term splash spill, D – 72 hour immersion, E – long term immersion.


PRODUCT STORAGE: The recommended storage temperature is approximately 22 °C (72 °F). Do not damage containers. Store in a dry place. Do not store for extended periods in direct sunlight. Protect containers from resin and moisture contamination.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Make sure all contamination such as dirt, oil, grease etc has been removed from surface that might impact adhesion.


  • Stir Part A for 2 minutes with Jiffy Mixer type drill mixer at slow speed (500 rpm) to fully disperse the product
  • To Catalyze product (get it ready to use) pour Part B into Part A slowly and mix for 2-3 minutes
  • Pour a portion of mixed Part A and B back into Part B can until full and mix well for 30 seconds, then pour back into the mixed Part A and B can.
  • Allow product to stand for 5 minutes before applying.  Loosely cover mixed product  DO NOT RESEAL MIXED PRODUCT!
  • Product may be reduced with clean water to achieve desired viscosity.  We recommend using distilled water
  • Typical spray applications require a 5% to 10% reduction with water.  Do NOT exceed 15%.
  • Do NOT reduce catalyzed product after 30 minutes
  • IMPORTANT:  Mark time to establish pot life from when you start mixing A and B.  Pot life is 3 to 4 hours.
  • Do NOT mix with other products or other containers of VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane

Improper mixing may result in product failure. For best mixing results and proper blending of parts A and B, recommend a Jiffy Mixer style drill mixer.


Part A Part B Kit Makes*:
24 Fl. Oz. 4 Fl. Oz. 1 Quart
96 Fl. Oz. 16 Fl. Oz. 1 Gallon
384 Fl. Oz. 64 Fl. Oz. 4 Gallons

After mixing the components, may be reduced with water. Typical spray applications require a 5% to 10% reduction. Do not exceed 15%.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: IMPORTANT: Proper methods to protect from over spraying should be implemented. Atomized particles will adhere to most surfaces and are extremely difficult to remove.  Temperature and humidity directly affect pot life and dry time. Conditions should be between 40 – 95 °F (5 – 35 °C) and humidity should not exceed 80%.  Can apply using brush, roller or sprayer.

Smooth Surfaces VandlGuard® IsoFree™ Aliphatic Urethane 2K may be applied directly over most surfaces without primer. Apply a light coat at a thickness of 3 to 4 wet mils. Do not exceed 5 mils. Reduction may create optimal flow. Dry mils thickness is 1.5-2.  Ferrous metal surfaces require primer before application.  When rolling product, recommend 1/4″ nap lint free roller for smooth surfaces

Porous Surfaces Most porous surfaces should have a sealer or filler to adequately eliminate potential pinholes prior to applying VandlGuard® IsoFree™ Aliphatic Urethane 2K.

  • For unpainted porous surfaces, use Micro-seal Water Repellent/Sealer prior to application of VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane
  • Apply one coat of VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane 2K (3-4 mils wet per coat) allowing 4 hours between coats or when coating is tack free (pressing thumb into surface and no thumbprint remains)
  • Any runs should be brushed our rolled out immediately before drying
  • When dry, thickness is 1.5 – 2 mils
  • When rolling product, recommend 3/4″ nap lint free roller cover for porous and textured surfaces

RECOAT OR TOPCOATING: Multiple coats of this product are acceptable.  When recoating this product with subsequent coats of the urethane, it is advisable to apply the recoat before 48 hours passes. If the first coat has dried longer than 48-hours, abrade the surface to promote adhesion for the second coat.

CLEANUP: Clean up promptly with mild soap and water before product cures. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations.

GRAFFITI REMOVAL: Attend to any graffiti as soon as possible. The longer graffiti sits unattended, the harder removal becomes. Within the first couple of days a power wash will remove the graffiti. After that, VandlClean® Super Graffiti Remover may be required to completely remove graffiti. In the event VandlClean® Super is needed, spray graffiti with VandlClean® Super, allow to sit for several seconds and follow up with a power wash to remove. Repeat as necessary. Depending on graffiti intensity, more than one pass may be necessary.

LIMITED WARRANTY: 10 Year Warranty – Apply 1 coat at 2 mils DFT+.  Fill out warranty pre-application at

PERSONAL PROTECTION:  VandlGuard® IsoFree™ Aliphatic Urethane 2K is a zero-VOC coating. The volatile to evaporate will be water. No special clothing or respirators are required. Due to its total water-based formulation, the hazard of flammability is removed.


  • VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane 2K should be tested on all substrates before complete application
  • Do not apply in humidity above 80% or rain
  • Horizontal surfaces coated with VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane 2K become slippery when wet
  • Should not be applied in high wind, rain or when the ambient teperature is below 5 °C (40 °F).
  • Certain porous surfaces may require sealer or block filler to allow the VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane 2K to create a more desirable aplpication and maintain the integrity of the surface.  Test patch should be applied before the final application
  • Do NOT overapply.  More is NOT better.  A heavier application can cause micro blistering and affect the finish
  • When using white color VandlGuard IsoFree Aliphatic Urethane 2k over previously painted surface, test first to confirm it will provide the hide needed in a one or two coat application.  Lighter colors will be easier to cover in one coat.
  • Physical properties are typical values and not specifications.