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Product Description

ESD Conductive Vinyl Workpace & Chair Mat With Anti-Slip Protects Your ESD Flooring Investment

ACL Staticide’s ESD Workspace & Chair Anti-Slip Mat is made in the USA from an engineered PVC with inherent electrical properties that will last the lifetime of the material.  Resistance measures 10e3 – 10e5 ohms, meeting ANSI/ESD S20.20 guidelines for sensitive device manufacturing.

With its dimpled texture it provides an anti-slip surface and yet still allows castor chairs to roll across protecting floors from scratches and scuff marks.

Comes in 2 sizes, measuring 36″ x 60″ x .125″ and 48″ x 72″ x .125″.

Like our conductive runners, the homogeneous distribution of carbon black and proprietary polymers give the conductive vinyl chair mat a continuous and permanent path to ground. Electrical properties will not wear due to damage caused by chair casters, so the conductive circuit remains continuous while guarding against scratching and scuff marks.

The conductive nitrile rubber will last for years without curling or cracking. This rugged floor mat can withstand grease, oil, and common lab chemicals. The high heat resistance makes it an ideal choice for welders. This ESD Conductive Traction Mat is suitable for any environment requiring a reliable ESD-safe work area.

These mats are laser cut and can be punched if one chooses to add a grounding snap.

To keep clean and avoid insulative electrical readings, use a neutral cleaner such as our 4020 Concentrate Neutral Cleaner concentrate or 4030 Neutral Cleaner ready-to-use formula.  The low alcohol, high surfactant formula will clean deeply without damaging the structural integrity of the conductive material.

Where is the ESD Chair Mat used?

  • Electronics manufacturing and assembly
  • Sensitive device manufacturing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • ESD workspaces
  • Static-sensitive warehousing and data centers
  • Welding areas
  • Telecommunications, medical, clean room manufacturing facilities

Why an ACL Conductive ESD Chair Mat?

  • Protects ESD Flooring & ESD Paint Investment
  • Impervious to Damage from Chair Casters
  • Great for workstations with Slip Resistant Textured Surface
  • Conductive Anti-Static Protection
  • Continuous and Permanent Path-to-Ground
  • Lifetime Warranty ANSI S20.20 & ANSI S7.1-2005
  • Comes in 2 sizes (36″x60″ and 48″x72″)
  • Electrical properties are warranted for the lifetime of the mat
  • Resistance measures 10e3 – 10e6 ohms per ANSI/ESD S7.1-2005
  • Compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Solid single layer is .125″ (38.1mm) thickness
  • Stippled surface, laser-cut edge
  • Low outgassing and low VOC
  • UV additives offer color stability
  • Completely recyclable and made in the USA
  • The components used to manufacture this product are RoHS compliant and are not listed on the REACH SvHC list.

Technical Information

Color Black
Material Made of Thermoplastic vinyl
Weathering ozone resistance per ASTM D178-01 Passes
Melting point over 500 F°
Resistance ANSI/ESD S7.1-2005 103 – 106 ohms
Thickness .125″ (38.1 mm)