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Product Description

830 Fast Set Polyurea Sealant Adhesive & Caulk | Low Temp Application -20F

830 Polyurea is a 2 part fast set chemical resistant adhesive & caulking for a very wide range of floor, wall and other repair applications. 830 is 100% solids Polyurea, zero VOC, thixotropic (holds a vertical bead) , high chemical & fuel resistant, quick set reactive gel polymer compound used as an repair and adhesive material.  Bonds to plastics, fiberglass, concrete, steel, wood, urethane, polyurea etc.

With quick set-up time, 830 provides for rapid applications where vertical bonding and sealing is required. Can be quickly sanded and painted as needed.

830 is dispensed from a duplex cartridge or plural component pump. Available in non-pigmented white color (call for special order in black color), in dual cartridges kits (21 oz or 600 ml total product in one cartridge kit – requires dual cartridge dispensing gun), 2 and 10 gallon kits (equal part A/B).   Special order 100 gallon kits available. Also available in 3 different set times depending on the project and temperature.  Set times are temperature dependent, warm conditions speed set times and cool conditions slow set times.  Select accordingly.  For example the 45/60 seconds is best for cool or cold conditions.  Can be applied down to -20F

3 Gel/Set Time Options Available (tested @70F) – Full hardness with flexibility in 6 to 12 hours @70F

  • 830-45/60 seconds to gel – hard within 10 minutes
  • 830-60/120 seconds to gel – hard within 15 – 20 minutes
  • 830-240/360 seconds to gel – hard within 30 – 45 minutes

Where is the 830 Polyurea used?

  • Use with 7001 Polyurethane Primer when moisture or high humidity is present for better performance
  • Immediate crack and damage repair for decorative floors
  • Crack and joint repair on vertical walls
  • Fiberglass bonding and repair
  • Tank seam sealing
  • Sealing plastic fittings & connectors
  • Seam bonding filling for tanks, ducts and wall panels
  • USDA Food processing areas – concrete floor repair
  • Vertical Surfaces – sealing and repair
  • Used as caulking, filling, bonding and self-leveling applications
  • Waste holding & treatment areas – sealing and repair
  • Petrochemical production floors
  • Pulp and paper
  • Waste Treatment facilities
  • Repair of high traffic industrial floors

Why 830 Polyurea Adhesive & Caulk?

  • Vertical hold directly from the cartridge or static mixer
  • Can be sprayed over with polyurea in a short time
  • High chemical resistance, fuel resistant,
  • Highly adhesive to many substrates
  • Cold weather application down to -20F
  • Fast set, trowel-able
  • Cartridge or pump dispensed
  • Can be sanded and painted quickly
  • Flexible concrete floor repair prevents reflective cracking
  • Apply 7001 primer first when moisture or high humidity present
  • 100% solids, no VOC, no odor
  • Option for easy application using twin cartridge kits and 300 ml x 300 ml cartridge gun


Application method Dual Cartridge (requires dual cartridge gun), trowel, plural component pump
Color Natural (non-pigmented) Has whitish color after setting, or black
Gloss level High gloss
Paintable Can paint and sand over the 830 as needed
Solids 100%
Tensile (lb/mil) Up to 2300
Hardness Shore D 60 to 63
Viscosity Part A:  1000 +/- 300    Part B:  1700 +/-500
USDA Facilities Meets requirements for USDA food processing areas
Specific Gravity 1.08
VOC 0% – no odor
Gel Times Speed varies (dependent on temperature)
Newly poured concrete Wait at least 28 days
Shelf Life 6 months when stored between 40F and 100F



The product is mixed and applied via a 1:1 duplex cartridge or a plural component 1:1 ratio pump fitted with the proper static mixer.

Surface Preparation
Surface is to be free of all contaminants that would act as a bond breaker. The area to be sealed should be sound to the degree that good bonding of the sealer will result when properly applied.

Plastics & Metals
Abrade as needed, wipe with solvent and prime. Consult ASTC for various substrate primers.

Must be cured for at least 28 days.  All surfaces must be dry and dust free.  Grind or abrade surfaces.

The product set time is temperature dependent, i.e., warm or hot conditions will speed the set time and cool conditions will slow the set time. Do not use on wet surfaces or expose part A to moisture. Keep out of direct sunlight, store at room temperature. Always shake part B before using. Do not allow the product to stand in the static mixer. Use at 5 degrees F above dew point. Keep cartridges warm when using product in cool conditions.


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