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Floor-lok Concrete Sealer , Curing Aid & Hardner

Rainguard Floor-lok is a low cost water based silane siloxane penetrating concete floor sealer designed to aid concrete curing, sealing, hardening and dustproofing for both interior and exterior projects. Floor-lok protects concrete floors from damage caused by water intrusion and seepage, chloride ion intrusion, cracking caused by freeze/thaw cycles, spalling, and scaling and helps prevent efflorescence and lime run. It dries completely clear without leaving any surface film, change in looks or texture.

Floor-lok contains a proprietary ingredient called Micro-Lok™. This additive ensures a long lasting mechanical bond and creates a hydrophobic barrier not affected by weathering, salt, dirt, freezing temperatures, UV light and wind-driven rain.  Floor-lok is a penetrating sealer invisible after application as it penetrates completely below the concrete surface.  It protects against damage from water, salt and freeze – thaw cycling that can cause cracks in a surface.  It also adds stain resistance to the treated surface for easier cleaning. Using Floor-lok Concentrate offers a lower cost per gallon while being easier on the environment.

One gallon of Floor-lok concentrate makes 10 gallons ready-to-use product.  This means less product packaging, lower shipping costs and easier handling.  It also means fewer containers to throw away and less jobsite waste.

Where is Floor-lok used?

  • Construction & Remodel Projects:   Warehouse|factory|parking garage floors, building ramps, sidewalks, concrete decks
  • Homeowner projects:  Driveways, garage floors, patios, porches, walkways

Why Floor-lok Curing Aid and Sealer?

  • Warranty available for 1 year
  • Easy to use Concentrate
  • 100% Eco-friendly: low VOC
  • Stain resistant to oil, gas and anti-freeze
  • Floorlok does not alter surface appearance & UV resistant – will not yellow
  • Nationally specified by architects in CSI sections 09900
  • Comparison Chart of Concrete Sealers by


Color Clear, No change in appearance or surface texture
Sheen/Gloss Level None
Dry To Re-Coat 30-60 Minutes
#Coats Recommended 1 (2 coats if especially porous)
Back in-service time 1-2 hours walk or drive on
Application method Low pressure hand pump or airless sprayer
Where Can it be Used All Interior|Exterior horizontal unpainted concrete surfaces
Apply to New Concrete 48 hours
Low Application Temperature 35F|1.7C Surface & Air
 Base  Water
VOC Content <15 g/L
Use on Material Concrete
Warranty Available 1 year warranty available –  download warranty application to register, see DOCUMENTS tab above
Leed 4.2 (1) point credit available Meets LEED and SQAMD low VOC requirements
ASTM E84 Surface Burning Flame spread 0, smoke developed 0
ASTM C309 Type 1, Class A&B for curing compounds
Fresh Concrete 300 – 500
Newly Cured 200 – 400
Bare Concrete 200 – 400
Aged Concrete 150 – 250
Dustproofing Concrete 300 – 500
Floors to be Tiled 500
Lightweight Cocnrete 200 – 275
*Textured surfaces Decreases coverage rates
Use of Temporary Heating Sources May result in 20% reduction of coverage rates


Temperature (surface|air) 35F to 90F (1.7C to 35C) and at least 5F above dew point
Moisture of substrate Less than 15%
Humidity Less than 90%
Rain No rain 48 hrs prior to, 12 hrs after application
Cure time for newly poured concrete Apply 48 hrs after pour
Application method Use low pressure hand pump or garden sprayer


CR-1600 1 Gal 10 Gal Measure concentrate needed, mix with water, stir (use 9 parts water to 1 part Floor-lok)

1. Floor-lok should be applied using low-pressure airless or hand pump spray equipment
2. Do not atomize material as it will negatively impact product performance. For power sprayers, use large tip size of at least .035 to .051. For hand pump sprayers, turn spray nozzle at end of the spray wand so product flows out more like a steady stream and keep pressure up to make sure enough material is coming out. Apply until surface is completely saturated and pooling occurs. Do not need to backroll or sweep off excess if absorption takes place within 1-2 minutes.
3. Avoid application in windy weather.
4. Trigger gun off at the end of each pass to avoid using excessive materials. Stop all applications only at corners, joints, seams, or edges.
5. Multiple coats may be applied, whiting or yellowing will not occur. A second coat is best applied “wet on wet” which means apply when first coat is damp but not yet dry. Use same flood coat procedure.

1. All surfaces to be coated should be clean of any dirt and grime, efflorescence, lime run, form oils and release agents, grease, mud, excess mortar, and mold and mildew, etc.
2. All cracks should be pointed or caulked. All voids, bee holes, masonry surface defects and openings such as conduits, pipes, drains, door frames, vents, air conditioner openings, electrical openings, control joints, or any dissimilar materials should be repaired using urethane or other approved patching.

Store materials in a well-protected area between 45° and 90°F. Avoid freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture. Keep away from heat sources.