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Clear-Seal 100% Urethane Low Gloss Super Premium Sealer

Rainguard Clear-Seal™ 100% Urethane is an exceptionally tough, durable and breathable low gloss sealer.  This product creates a hard low gloss film that is more UV resistant, stain resistant, and hot tire resistant than that of Clear-Seal™ acrylic urethane blended sealer.  It provides a nice looking finish for concrete, stone, masonry, unglazed tile and wood surfaces.  It is a water based, low VOC, single-component, self cross-linking clear urethane water based sealer. Clear-seal is available in both a Low gloss and High Gloss formula in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. For optimal results, add Urethane Quick Cure Performance Additive. It is designed to increase chemical resistance, impact resistance, chip resistance, added UV protection and better absorption of the Clear-Seal.  Urethane Quick Cure Performance Additive mixes easily.  Add 2 oz of Urethane Quick Cure per gallon of Clear-Seal™ 100% Urethane (select this option under the Performance Additive dropdown).  Mix for 5-10 minutes. Adding Urethane Quick Cure gives the solution a 72-hour pot life. Extend pot life by adding more Urethane Quick Cure if needed.


Where is Clear-seal Low Gloss used?

  • Construction & Remodel Projects:   Commercial floors subject to heavy foot traffic, walkways, protection of outdoor and indoor painted wall murals
  • Homeowner projects:  Driveways, garage floors, decks, patios, porches, walkways, fences

Why Clear-Seal Low Gloss Sealer?

  • Excellent Impact and wear resistant
  • Resists hot tire pick-up for vehicular applications
  • Performance Additive Available for Even Better Performance
  • Excellent Chemical and Stain Resistance
  • Resists UV rays – won’t yellow
  • Excellent adhesion
  • UV protectant
  • Anti-Slip Finish Available
  • Interior/Exterior Protection for Concrete, Brick, Pavers, Stone, Unglazed Tile and Wood
  • Specified by architects in CSI Division:  099123, 099723, 099313


Color Clear
Sheen/Gloss Level Low gloss
Re-Coat Time When completely dry, 4-6 hours typical.  Do not wait longer than 24 hours before applying a 2nd coat.  If you do, sand surface with 100-150 grit sandpaper, remove debris, wipe with acetone just before application
#Coats Recommended 1 – 2 coats depending on level of protection desired
Back in-service time 24 hours to walk-on and 72 hours to drive-on
Application method Spray, brush or roll (1/4″-3/8″ nap non-shed, water resistant) application.  Sprayer requires use of heavy-duty acetone pump sprayer (ie; Chapin Xtreme) or pesticide sprayer (ie Hudson, Ortho) with low volume fan tip
Where Can it be Used All Interior|Exterior architectural surfaces
Apply to New Concrete 28 days
Application Temperature 50F|10C up to 90F|32C Surface & Air temperature
 Base  Water
VOC Content <50 g/L
Use on Material All masonry, concrete, paver, stone, unglazed tile and wood surfaces
Odor Slight Latex Smell
Viscosity @77F (Brookfield) 50-100 cps
Direct Impact 140 inch-lbs
Reverse Impact 40 inch-lbs
Pencil Hardness 2H
Taber Abrasion, CS 17 Wheel, 5 to 7 Days 8.4 mg loss

Chemical Test Data
IPA No Effect
MEK No Effect
Toluene No Effect
50% Sodium Hydroxide No Effect
50% Phosphoric Acid No Effect
50% Sulfuric Acid Stain Only
37% Hydrochloric Acid Stain Only
100% Acetic Acid Failure

Coverage Rate Square Feet/Gallon
Porous Surfaces 250-300
Dense Surfaces 300-350
*Textured surfaces Decreases coverage rates



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