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Product Description

4600 Ultra Static Disspiative Floor Finish

No other ESD floor finish can match Staticide® 4600 Ultra Floor Finish for electrical properties, physical longevity, and gloss. This urethane-enhanced formula features superior abrasion resistance and durability, fortifying floors with a long-lasting protective layer that is shiny and ESD-safe for 12 to 24 months. By maximizing stripping cycles, companies can keep costs down by eliminating annual labor fees and production shutdowns. 4600 is easily maintained and repaired with no buffing, extending the stripping/recoating cycle.  4600 utilizes the latest technological advancements in static dissipative polymers, setting a whole new standard for performance and value. This enhances its static controlling powers and maximizes its effectiveness on your floors. Resistivity is 10⁸ – 10⁹ ohms per square and static dissipationn is .02 seconds. Staticide® Ultra Floor Finish is the perfect choice for any environment where static control is required, such as electronic, medical, and clean room manufacturing facilities.  For use on vinyl, linoleum, or ceramic tile

This water-based formula is UL listed for slip resistance, RoHS compliant, biodegradable, non-flammable, and free of formaldehyde, phthalates, alkalis, acids, and ammonia.

Where is 4600 typically used?

  • Electronics manufacturing and assembly, telecommunications, ESD protected areas, medical, clean room manufacturing facilities

Why 4600 Static Dissipative Floor Finish?

  • High performance with exceptional static control
  • For Use on vinyl, linoleum, or ceramic tile
  • Offers high gloss, slip resistant & abrasion resistant finish
  • More economical than other leading ESD floor finishes
  • Resists powdering or flaking, even in dry condidtions
  • Resists scuffs, will not yellow
  • Controls static generation even at low relative humidities
  • Low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C’s)
  • Dries faster and with higher gloss intensity than other ESD finishes
  • Compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
  • Biodegradeable, Non toxic

Technical Information

Glosss/Sheen level High gloss
Material Made of Acrylic – urethane enhanced
Strip Cycle 12-24 months
Surface Resistivity 107 – 109 ohms per square
Rating ANSI/ESD S20.20
UL Listed For slip resistance
VOC < 4%
Surfaces Apply to Vinly, linoleum, ceramic tile
Solids 20% +/-5%
Coverage Rate Square Feet/Gallon Per Coat
Average concrete surface 1500 – 2000

Application Instructions

Coverage Rate - 2 Coats Recommended Square Feet/Gallon Per Coat
Average concrete floor 1500 - 2000


Best results are obtained when 4600 Floor Finish is applied to surfaces which are

  • 60F or above
  • relative humidity conditions between 30-50%.

Application Steps

  1. Remove old finish using a 1:4 dilution of Staticide® Floor Stripper #4010 and water. Concentration of dilution depends on the number of coats previously on floor. Vacuum up stripping solution.
  2. Rinse floor thoroughly with clean water.
  3. Inspect floor to confirm that all stripper has been removed (shiny spots versus dull spots). Any residual stripper will be detrimental to the performance of an ACL Floor Finish.

NOTE: New tile floors must be stripped thoroughly to remove all floor coatings. ESD tiles have plasticizers that may require a higher concentrate  of stripper to remove.   DO NOT strip floor within the first 4 or 5 days after installation of a new tile floor.

General Preparation Tips:

  • Strip less than 125 sq. ft. at a time. Strip wet.
  • Let stripper soak for 5 minutes, however do not allow stripper to dry on floor.
  • Flood rinse area twice with clean water to remove residual stripper.
  • Floor needs to be completely dry before applying floor finish.
  • If shiny spots or white powder appear s after floor is dry, the floor needs to be restripped and rerinsed. Using a new rayon mop and clean pail, apply the 4600

Apply 4600 Floor Finish Using a new rayon mop and clean pail:

  1. Apply a thin coat to floor (i.e.: wring out mop ¾ ways down the wringer). Let floor dry to the touch, approximately 60 minutes for an RH condition of <30%.  Drying times may vary slightly depending on ambient conditions. For an RH between 30 – 50% or temperature < 70°F allow 1-2 hrs of dry time. For greater than 50% RH allow 2-3 hours of dry time.

NOTE: Streaks, bubbles, flaking or softening may develop if floor finish is not applied correctly. For the formation of a uniform hard coating, it is critical to apply floor finish in thin coats to prevent moisture from becoming entrapped in the initial application.

  1. Apply a second, slightly thicker coat (i.e.: wring out mop ½ ways down wringer).

If using 4000, 4300, or 4600: Two thin coats are sufficient, but for optimal performance, longer life, and easier maintenance, three coats are recommended. If a 3rd coat is applied, wait 24 hours before applying. This will allow the first two coats to cure. Applying coats too soon will result in poor adhesion, poor appearance, poor electrical performance, blistering and greasiness.

If using 4600 Ultra: Two thin coats are the maximum requirement on dissipative surfaces. Applying too many coats or not allowing sufficient dry time will result in poor adhesion, poor appearance, poor electrical performance, blistering and greasiness.

General Application Tips:

  • To avoid contamination, use separate clean pails and mops for stripper and floor finish or use a plastic liner.
  • Allow the floor to dry naturally, do not use forced air.
  • Do not mix ESD floor finishes with one another or other non ESD floor finishes.

NOTE: Normal traffic may resume in 6-8 hours (preferably overnight) after application