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  • Fan Deck Overview
  • Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone Flake Color Blends

Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone Flake Fan Deck Sales Tool

The Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone Flake Fan Deck is a great Sales Sample and Selling Tool for showcasing the unique decorative look that comes from using Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone flakes. With their random multi-sized flakes, stone like texture and decorative colors they create a real stone appearance.  The Fan deck comes with all 18  Terrazzo Stone and 12 Hybrid Stone Flake blends.

This compact marketing tool contains actual Terrazzo and Hybrid Stone flakes (without clear topcoat) displayed in a traditional fan deck style format for portable use and quick display of the 30 factory color blend options available.

Order Terrazzo Flakes Here Terrazzo Stone Flake Factory Blend Options

Order Hybrid Stone Flakes Here Hybrid Stone Flake Factory Blend Options

What Color Blends are on The Deck?

Type Sku # Color Flake Name
1 Hybrid Stone FB-4106 Shale
2 Hybrid Stone FB-4110 Claystone
3 Hybrid Stone FB-4111 Limestone
4 Hybrid Stone FB-4101 Blue Granite
5 Hybrid Stone FB-4107 Agate
6 Hybrid Stone FB-4104 Turquoise
7 Hybrid Stone FB-4108 Sandstone
8 Hybrid Stone FB-4102 Quartzite
9 Hybrid Stone FB-4103 Travertine
10 Hybrid Stone FB-4109 Mudstone
11 Hybrid Stone FB-4105 Slate
12 Hybrid Stone FB-4112 Blacktop
13 Terrazzo FB-4205 Juneau
14 Terrazzo FB-4219 Taffy
15 Terrazzo FB-4203 Jawbreaker
16 Terrazzo FB-4208 Acadia
17 Terrazzo FB-4206 Klondike
18 Terrazzo FB-4211 Husky
19 Terrazzo FB-4207 Cascade
20 Terrazzo FB-4216 Armadillo
21 Terrazzo FB-4214 Denali
22 Terrazzo FB-4209 Gumball
23 Terrazzo FB-4201 Plateau
24 Terrazzo FB-4204 Anchorage
25 Terrazzo FB-4217 Santa Fe
26 Terrazzo FB-4218 Phoenix
27 Terrazzo FB-4215 Yosemite
28 Terrazzo FB-4212 Yukon
29 Terrazzo FB-4210 Europa
30 Terrazzo FB-4213 Rosebud

Why The Terrazo & Hybrid Stone Flake Fan Deck?

  • Great Sales Sample and Selling Tool
  • Great Way To Visualize all 30 different Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone flake color blend combinations
  • Quickly Show Customers How You Can Make Their Floor Look Like Natural Stone using decorative Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone Flakes
  • Actual Terrazzo & Hybrid Stone Flake Samples