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Metallic Pigment Sample Kit With Actual Pigment Powder | 12 Popular Colors

Metallic Pigment Sample Kit includes powdered pigment samples of 12 popular color options.  It is a great Sales Sample and Selling Tool for showcasing the dramatic pearlescent colors available to create your own unique marbled floor coating system!

Sturdy and durable construction great for use with contractors and those looking to offer a professional looking display of Metallic Pigment colors.

This compact marketing tool contains actual Metallic Marbled Pigment samples, each packaged in its own small container which can be used in most clear epoxy and polyaspartic floor coating systems.

Go to the  Metallic Pigment Page to see all color options available.

What Metallic Pigments Are in The Sample Kit?

  • 12 Popular Metallic Pigment Colors
  • Each sample contains actual Metallic Pigment powder which can be used to color small liquid samples
  • P1010 – Pearl
  • P1020 – Dolphin
  • P1030 – Manatee
  • P1040 – Whale
  • P1105 – Guava
  • P1130 – Lager
  • P1210 – Parrot
  • P1240 – Americana
  • P1310 – Mandarin
  • P1520 – Avocado
  • P1610 – Caribbean
  • P1710 – Reef

Why The Metallic Pigment Sample Kit?

  • Great Sales Sample and Selling Tool
  • Actual samples of 12 popular Metallic Pigment colors available
  • Great way to help create and visualize your own unique marbled, pearlescent looking floor
  • Quickly Show Customers the most popular color options which can be used individually or used on the same floor