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E915HD All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate | 100% Biodegradeable

The E915HD is a heavy duty all purpose cleaner formulated for versatility and dependability. Works great on everything from floor cleaning to hot dip tank cleaning. Worker safety is an integral part of today’s workplace
and the E915HD contains no caustics, butyl ethers, or chlorinated and petroleum based solvents.

Unlike many industrial strength cleaners, E915 is 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe. The versatility of this product is enhanced by complete water reducibility to assure the capability to customize the cleaning strength to meet your specific needs.

E915HD is a concentrated non-flammable detergent that dissolves a wide range of greases and oil based soils while leaving the area with a refreshing citrus scent. Terpene hydrocarbons, the major component of oranges, and naturally occurring, are used in this product. As a water reducible cleaner, the ability to work with and around most metals is assured by the addition of flash rust additives and inhibiters.

The E915HD is compatible for cleaning concrete and wood floors protected with most industrial floor coatings including epoxies, polyaspartics and urethanes. 

The E915HD comes as a concentrate in a quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon container and 50 gallon drum (ships LTL truck freight).


Where is E915HD typically used?

  • Locations:  Floors, walls, metal surfaces, engines, machinery, vents, grills, ovens, plastic and vinyl upholstery and carpet
  • Markets:  Trucking Fleets, Printing Plants, Steel Mills, Cleaning Firms, Mfg Plants,  US Post Offices, Waste Cleanup Firms, Metal Fabricators, Military Installations, Automotive repair shops, department stores, nursing homes & hospitals, child day care services, easting and drinking establishments, apartment buildings, cleaning and maintenance services. hotels & motels, schools. sports & recreational clubs
  • Substrates:  Concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo floors, marble, plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, leather, automotive parts, chrome, stainless steel, sidewall tires. woodwork, porcelain

Why E915HD Heavy Duty Cleaner?

  • Heavy duty cleaner formulated for versatility and dependability.
  • Rapidly removes dirt, grease and grime from wide variety surfaces
  • Compatible with most industrial floor coatings incl Epoxies, Polyaspartics,  Urethanes
  • Dissolves and removes food grease and many industrial oils and greases
  • Use as general-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, wax and floor finish stripper, engine degreaser and many other cleaning problems.
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • No caustics, butyl ethers, or chlorinated and petroleum based solvents
  • Use by hand or through steam or pressure cleaning equipment, automatic floor scrubbers, etc
  • Economical Concentrate Formula. Dilution rates to 1:50 for sensitive surfaces.

For heavy duty cleaning and degreasing, we recommend 1 part E915 to 4 parts water by volume.  Deviations from this ratio can employ differing concentrations suited to the cleaning strength needed. For less soiled floors, dilute with more water and for heavily soiled floors, dilute with less water. Ratios varying from 1:1 to 50:1 (Water: E915HD) can be used for cleaning.

For cleaning- dilute E915 to the desired strength and apply to the surface with a mopping action. Allow the solution to remain on the floor for approximately five minutes. Remove the loosened grime and dirt by mopping and then rinse the floor with clean water. For walls, woodwork, and enameled surfaces, apply the diluted E915 directly by a sponge of cloth. Rinse the surface with a clean water dampened cloth or sponge. Always check product compatibility before using.


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