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Anti-Graffiti UV Resistant Clear Film For Polycarbonate & Acrylic |6 mil

Anti-Graffiti Clear Poly Film is a wipe-clean, protective UV resistant film providing a tough, invisible layer between vandals and polycarbonate and PMMA (Acrylic) surfaces typically used in outdoor bus and train shelters and similar applications. Vandals tag their mark and gouge their message, and satisfied with their creativity, move on.

A special surface hard coat enables quick cleaning of spray paint and pen attacks.  Removing and replacing etched or razor blade scratched film is swift and simple, thanks to the film’s easy removal adhesive.Tagging by paint or pen can be removed by simple cleaning; surface etching and gouging requires film replacement, the underlying polycarbonate and PMMA itself generally remaining unharmed.

The Anti-Graffiti Clear Poly Film blocks 99% of UV rays coming through a polycarbonate or acrylic surface.   Yet the Clear Film transmits 88% of visible light and so does not impact visibility looking through the film covered surface.  It also is not easily noticed by taggers. Anti-Graffiti Clear Poly Film comes in a heavy duty 6 mil thick for outdoor applications and areas subject to acid and razor blade attacks.

Comes in  100′ long rolls and 60″ Wide.  Can custom cut roll length and width into multiple pieces at no extra cost.  Choose standard width and make up to 2 additional width cuts on same roll at no extra charge (put in notes how wide each cut desired).   For example a 60″ wide x 100′ long roll can be cut into (3) 60″ wide x 100′ rolls, with two cuts, one at 20″ and one at 40″.

Anti-Graffiti clear film product line also includes clear films to protect glass and mirrors in both 4 mil and 6 mil for interior and heavy duty outside


  • Public Transport buses, subway cars etc, commercial store front windows, shopping malls, restrooms, lobbies and elevators are all prime targets for abuse


  • Maximum Protection With a Tough Invisible Film For Glass Windows, Glass Doors & Glass Mirrors
  • Wipe-clean coating allows quick removal of most graffiti paint attacks
  • Superior Strength Film Prevents Damage from Razor Blade and Acid Attack
  • Hassle Free & Quick-release adhesive for speedier film removal and replacement
  • Innovative Technology for Completely Clean Removal with NO REMAINING RESIDUE
  • Lets 90% of Visible Light Through
  • Blocks 97% of UV Radiation
  • 4 & 6 mil thick, 100′ Long, 36″to 72″ Wide
  • Custom cut widths.  Choose standard width and make up to 2 additional width cuts on same roll at no extra charge (put in notes how wide each cut desired)