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18″ Notched Squeegee For Epoxy & Polyaspartic Floor Coatings | Case of 6 Squeegees

Our 18″ Notched Squeegie is designed for use with high performance commercial and industrial grade coatings including 100% epoxy, urethane and high solids polyaspartic floor coatings.  Use a flat or notched squeegees to spread epoxy, urethane and polyaspartic material prior to backrolling.

Comes in a Case of 6 Squeegees 

Choice of flat or notched squeegie size depends on the thickness of your coating system.  Thinner coatings work best with flat squeegies and thicker coating systems with a notched squeegie.

Threaded handle not included, sold separately.

What size notch should you use?

There are many factors involved in selecting the best sized notch.  Below is a guide to help you choose.

Using too large a notch can make it difficult to move material on the floor and can cause you to apply your coating thicker than you want as the coating may not reach the top of the notch and using too small a notch can cause you to not apply enough coating to meet your project requirements.

The thickness of the suggested material application differs with each size of notched squeegee used:

  • 1/8” notch   +/- 8 mils
  • 3/16” notch +/- 16 mils
  • 1/4” notch  +/- 20 mils
  • 3/8” notch +/- 40 mils


  • Epoxy Floor Projects
  • Polyaspartic Floor Projects
  • Polyurea Floor Projects


  • 18″ Speed Squeegee For Uniform Material Spreading
  • 4 Notch Sizes:  1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″
  • Comes in a Economical Case of 6 Squeegees
  • For Quicker and Easier Application of thicker mil (thickness) floor coating systems
  • A floor coating standard, just grab it,use it, and toss it or clean it
  • Steel handle socket
  • Features steel frame with gray rubber solvent resistant blade
  • Note:  requires optional threaded handle