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Clear Wet Wood Stain  For Outstanding Wood Protection

Wet Wood Tung Linseed Oil Stain is an environmentally friendly super premium, UV, Water and Mold resistant penetrating clear outdoor stain.  It can be used on decks, fences, log homes, and siding.  It has a very low volatile organic content of 23 grams per liter .  It is the first stain on the market to use Nano-technology in the Ultra Violet protection package.  Use of a proprietary zinc oxide formula gives the clear stain unsurpassed UV resistance to protect the underlying beauty of the natural wood and keep it from graying.   This is especially important in areas with high UV conditions.   The clear Wet Wood Stain can also be applied same day on top of colored Wet Wood Stain for additional UV protection.

Wet Wood Stain has many features that both the homeowner and professional contractor will appreciate. It uses technology that enables it to incorporate oils into a water base. Therefore it can be applied to damp or wet wood, displacing the water and penetrating the surface curing to a long lasting finish.

WWS is made of a unique blend of Tung Oil, a very tough resin, that is mostly used in high dollar furniture stains, and linseed oil which is noted for its flexibility. The blend gives the user a product that is very durable that will expand and contract with the weather changes.  It also offers soap and water cleanup while tools are still wet.

Highly resistant to surface growth of mold and mildew using Bio-Pruf® technology from Dow Chemical that provides long lasting antimicrobial protection to different products including paints. Tested by 3rd party labs for resistance to 30+ common occuring strains of bacteria and mold, it passed with the highest rating attainable.  Wet Wood Stain has been tested by third party labs for its resistance to bacteria and mold. It passed with the highest rating attainable after being subjected to over thirty strains of common occurring bacteria in the United States.

Wet Wood Stain is now available in full pallet quantities of one color for shipment LTL truck freight.  A pallet contains (36) 5 gallon pails or 180 gallons of one color.  The full pallet quantity can be used on a single project or can be used for resale.  Lead time is typically 2 weeks order processing before shipping.

Where is Wet Wood Stain typically used?

  • Wood decks, log cabins, exterior walls, fences, outdoor furniture

Why Wet Wood Tung Linseed Oil Stain?

  • Save time & Labor with same day Cleaning & Application – Apply to wet surface right after power wash
  • Apply high Temp >90F by first wetting/cooling surface, remove excess water then immediately apply
  • Exceptional UV Protection Slows Graying of Wood, Keeping Wood Surface Looking Good Longer
  • Deep penetrating linseed | tung oil stain offers low VOC
  • Fast drying time compared to other oil based stains
  • Soap|water cleanup while still wet
  • Superior mold | mildew protection using Bio-Pruf technology from Dow Chemical
  • Excellent water resistance extends life of wood
  • Easy application with no lap marks
  • Overspray will not harm plants
  • Coverage 150-275 sq’/gallon rough surfaces & 275-375 sq’/gallon smooth surfaces
  • Special 180 Gallon Pallet Program Pricing For Large Projects and Resale

Technical Information

Color Clear natural finish
Sheen/Gloss Level Flat sheen
Dry To Re-Coat To touch 15 min, tack free 30 min, 1-2 hours to re-coat.  Ideally wait overnight to back in-service walking
#Coats Recommended 1-2 coats.  2nd coat should be applied same day.  If 2nd coat won’t penetrate the 1st, just go over with 100 grit sandpaper and then apply
Back in-service time Overnight next day
Application method Low pressure hand pump or airless sprayer, roller, brush
Where Can it be Used Exterior unpainted wood surfaces, vertical or horizontal
 High Application Temperature Can apply over 90F by first cooling the surface with water, remove any standing water then immediately apply stain
Low Application Temperature 40F|10C Surface & Air
 Base  Water
VOC Content <25 g/L
Use on Material Unpainted Wood and Hardwoods including Ipe and Tiger.  Best results require removing old stain/paint prior to application
Coverage Rate Square Feet/Gallon
Rough Surfaces 150 – 275
Smooth Surfaces 275 – 375

Application Instructions

Conditions Prior to Application
Temperature (surface|air) 50F to 95F+ (10C to 35C) and at least 5F above dew point
Moisture of substrate Can apply to wet wood as long as all standing water removed
Humidity No limit
Rain No issue with rain before or after application
Cure time Wait 4 hours to walk on it, back in-service overnight
Application method Use low pressure hand pump or garden sprayer, roller, brush

1. All surfaces to be coated should be clean of any dirt and grime, mold and mildew, etc.
2. Mold and mildew should be killed with a commercial mold killer or mixture bleach/water for best results.  Wet Wood Stain does an excellent job preventing growth of new mold on the surface but will not kill existing mold or mildew in the wood.
3. All existing stain or paint must be completely removed for Wet Wood Stain to work properly and penetrate the wood.  Power washing with a commercial cleaner is recommended.

1.  Wet Wood Stain can be applied using a brush, roller, hand pump garden sprayer or airless sprayer depending on the size of the project.  Apply in one soaking coat (enough material applied so that it just stops absorbing during application) with coverage rate depending on porosity of wood.

2.  Mix contents thoroughly prior to application to make sure any settled contents properly blended.  Mix periodically during application.  Do NOT thin product

3.  Avoid pooling by back brushing/rolling surface to give a smooth consistent finish with no excess stain on the surface.

4.  A second coat may be applied.  Wait a minimum of 1 hour and maximum 2 hours before application of second coat.   The second coat must penetrate the first.

5.  Allow at least 8 hours before putting deck back into service and walking on surface.  Increase this time if temperatures are cooler or humidity is high.

6.  Clean up with hot soapy water.  Dried stain cleanup is with a little bit of mineral spirits.

Store materials in a well-protected area between 45° and 90°F. Avoid freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, and moisture. Keep away from heat sources.

Coverage Rate Square Feet/Gallon
Rough Surfaces 150-275
Smooth Surfaces 275-375
*Textured surfaces Decreases coverage rates