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Product Description

300B Measure Static Charges Instantly & Reliably in Static Sensitive Environments

ACL’s 300B Precision Electronic Locator is an analog non-contact voltage field meter that suits most customers needing to indicate the voltage generated from a charged object. This pocket-sized meter reliably measures the electrostatic field of charged stationary items from 0 ± 30,000 volts. The ACL 300B is ideal to use in static sensitive environments such as electronic component production and assembly areas, clean rooms, laboratories, and packaging and production lines. The ACL 300B Electrostatic Locator has been the classic field meter of choice among engineers for over 25 years.

This hand held analog meter has proven to be reliable in its detection of electrostatic fields on charged surfaces. It is a key component to any static control program as it determines: 1. Where static is generating 2. How much voltage is being generated 3. The polarity of the charge This lightweight unit is designed for close and repetitive readings. The unique “Quick Zero” function allows the user to re-zero the unit instantly, providing ground compensation. A standard 9-volt battery powers the meter and can be checked using the battery test feature. No auxiliary attenuators or heads are required; the ACL 300B is completely self-contained. To minimize error from extraneous static fields, the unit utilizes a recessed nickel-plated sensing electrode which operates on a high/low circuit.

Where is 300B  used?

  • Static sensitive areas, electronic component production and assembly areas, clean rooms, medical device manufacturing, printing presses, packing and production lines.

Why 300B Electrostatic Locator?

  • Most widely-used electrostatic locator
  • Uses standard 9-volt battery
  • Test range at 0.5″ away from target: 0 ± 500v (low setting) and 0 ± 5000v (high setting)
  • Test range at 4″ away from target: 0 ± 3000v (low setting) and 0 ± 30,000v (high setting)
  • Indicates polarity
  • Quick zeroing switch
  • Low drift
  • Excellent erproducibility of readings
  • Accuracy +-10% of full scale at 1/2″ spacing
  • Includes calibration certificate traceable to NIST
  • View ACL 300B User Manual

Technical Information

Accuracy +- 10%
Repeatability +- 1%
Power Supply 9-volt alkaline batter
Weight 5.5 oz
Size 4-3/8″x2-3/8″x1-5/16″
Range (Red rocker Switch LO or Hi Position) LO at 1/2″: 0 += 500 volt LO at 4″: 0 +_ 3,000 volt Hi at 1/2″: 0 +_ 5,000 volt Hi at 4″: 0 +_ 30,000 volt
ACL 300 B inclues: carrying case, 9-volt batter and NIST traceable calibration certificate

ACL 300B Technical Data

ACL 300B How to Use Manual